Sunday, 27 May 2012

Colouring spaghetti

I am always looking for new ways to entertain Cruz, so when I saw a picture of coloured spaghetti I became a woman on a mission. The best part about this little activity was that I had everything in my cupboard.

You will need:
Food Colours
Hand sanitiser

I cooked the spaghetti first, let it cool and then separated it into 5 semi-equal quantities. I added a few drops of food colouring and a squirt of hand sanitiser onto the spaghetti and then placed it onto some baking paper to dry. Our spaghetti took a  couple of hours to completely dry.

The hand sanitiser is needed to dry out the spaghetti. There isn't a lot of it added to the spaghetti, but I always stay close to watch that Cruz doesn't try to eat any and will always give his hands a quick wash after playing with it just to be extra safe. The Queen rainbow food colour droppers are excellent to use for making some really sweet colours. The box has a chart on the back of it which explains how much of each colour you need to make aqua, lime green, orchid etc.

Cruz had fun transferring the spaghetti from one bowl to the other and was getting really good at twirling it around on his fork - great practise for spaghetti bolognese nights, I say! Slowly things did get messier. Cruz realised that he could pick the spaghetti up with his hands and mix it together to make rainbow spaghetti.

Once we had finished playing with it, I put it into an airtight container to play with over the next few days. I am not sure how long it will last for, but anything that lasts for more than one day is a winner in my eyes. One super easy and almost mess free activity - done!


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