Monday, 21 May 2012

Cruz's big boy room

When I changed the room around, hubby had the thrilling job of patching up the old picture holes. Since doing these I have not had the time to repaint the walls. It is on the mile long to-do list. So, in the meantime, excuse all the patches.

The bedspread is from Spotlight. Their 30% off sale meant that I paid a little over $30. It's perfect for our little man because he is completly obsessed with stars, so much so that he tries to greet each and every one of them when we go driving at night. Bless him. The best part about the bedspread? I got home and realised that the sweet little star cushion you can see on his bed above matches perfectly. Score! Even better, we already had a star rug in his room from when he was much younger. None of this happened to cross my mind when I first saw this bedspread in Spotlight. It was just meant to be.

Decorating the little shelfs, bedsides and bookcase was the best part. Again we used what we alread had. The mocka tree (below) is so sweet and Cruz adores it, but for me the bonus is being able to hang his clothes, hat and shoes on it for daycare. It has saved us a lot of time in the morning. Cruz knows what he is wearing and can get ready nice and quickly.

The walls at the moment are blank as I decide how to finish the room off. My plans so far are to cover three square canvases with fabrics that match his bed. These will go above his bedhead to take up that blank wall. On the wall next to the mocka tree, I am hoping to put two or three rows of long gutter shelving to hold his books. Cruz is a bookworm. He loves looking through books and pointing to all the pictures. This is something I want to encourage. Other than that, I a photo frame with a family photo in it for next to his bed will see the room complete, perhaps?. Decorating has never been so fun, I'm sure.

Most of the bits and pieces in his room have been picked up slowly since he was a baby, but the bed, bedside table and little chair arrived over the last few weeks; prompting me to start this sweet room. The curtains are the same curtains he has had since he was born. 4 room decor changes, 1 pair of curtains. Perfect. Even better? They were in this room when we bought the house. If you look closely you will see that there is actually a second pair of curtains behind the first pair. Look even closer and you might notice the blockout blind that is rolled up. Overkill, I know, but we haven't changed them since Cruz was struggling to make the transition from dark winter mornings to bright summer mornings. 5am was just too early. Since then, we never looked back. Perhaps it's time.

Over the weekend, I started tackling Cruz's big boy room. It is still far from being complete, but boy have I had fun with it. Cruz is just about to turn 2, but was very quickly growing out of his toddler bed. He would roll over during the night and bump his head on the side bars which would wake him up. We were going to wait until we were expecting another baby to make this transition, but we knew we couldn't wait any longer. This boy takes after his daddy in the height department.