Saturday, 26 May 2012

Enjoying a night out

Before kids going out to dinner was simple. It required very little effort and almost no organising. Now, things are a little different. We have Cruz and with that comes some extra responsibility. Going out to dinner alone doesn't happen often for us, but when it does there are a few things I do to make sure that I enjoy my night out.

Very quickly after having Cruz I realised that if I didn't get ready early in the afternoon, I would leave the house that evening annoyed that 1. I had not had enough time to get ready or 2. I wasn't happy with the way I looked and would wish that I had time to get changed. Now, I get ready first, making sure that I'm completely ready before I start the rest of the evening routine. This results in a happy mummy and happy baby.
It works for us.

On nights that we will be going out, I give Cruz a simple dinner that I know he enjoys. It means that I'm not spending hours in the kitchen, but most importantly, I know that Cruz will eat it and won't be hungry while we are out. Thursday's very basic dinner was Chicken pieces, yogurt, pears and a stick on cheese. Giving Cruz dinner before my parents arrive is a must for us because once they arrive there is no chance he is wasting his play time eating dinner!

I really appreciate people taking time out of their busy lives to help us so that we can enjoy a dinner out. Because we were heading out after dinnertime this time, we left some coffee, sugar and mugs out so that our babysitters could enjoy a hot cup of coffee when Cruz had gone to sleep. It's the small things that show people that you appreciate them and have thought about them as well.

It is then time for dinner and some quality time with Cruz. The very best part of the night. He is hilariously funny, makes us laugh every three seconds and is growing up far too quickly. We are very fortunate that Cruz has never worried when we have gone out for dinner or left him with his grandparents. We actually have to remind him to give us kisses, cuddles and say goodbye before we leave, because he is always in his element playing with any of his grandparents. It does make things so much easier knowing that he actually enjoys this special time while we are out. 

I also like to make sure that I have put the dishes away, prepared lunches for the next day and have done a quick tidy up around the house before we head out the door. There is nothing worse than coming home from a good evening out to find that you have piling dishes, lunches to be made and clothes to wash and iron for the next day. It spoils the night and means that a late night is in store for us.

Cruz is just about to turn 2 and it has taken me this long to work out what works best for our family. We can all enjoy dinners out now and know that when we get home we will have a content little guy fast asleep, happy baby sitters and a clean and tidy house to go to bed too. The best way to spend an evening, I say.


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