Thursday, 17 May 2012

Keep Calm & Laundry On

Monday and Thursday, amongst other things, is my laundry day. After trying many, many different ways of staying on top of our washing and folding, I have found a way that works for my family of three. Doing laundry every third day means that the washing never gets overwhelming, but also means that I am not having to deal with my least favourite part of housework on a daily basis. I have found that combining it into these two days of laundry has saved me more time than if I added up the amount of time used to wash, fold and put away laundry every day.

On laundry day, after I have had breakfast and the little man is fed, I make sure that the livng area is tidy and that the kitchen benches are clear (don't you love Mothers Day and the flowers it brings with it?!) so that I am focused on the job on hand.

Lucky for me, the little man loves laundry days. He thinks loading the washing machine, emptying it and passing the pieces of clothing to mummy one bit at a time is so much fun - Oh to be little again! We play music, dance around and keep an ear out so that we don't miss the washing machine singing out to us when it has finished the cycle.

When the washing comes out of the machine, I put all our shirts and pants onto hangers. Towels, dishclothes and underwear then gets put into a separate basket. This has been my secret to staying on top of the washing. Normally, I don't mind washing clothes and then hanging them out, but when it comes to bringing clothes in and folding them, I am totalling useless. I run out of motivation and then end up with a pile of clothes on the floor, on the kitchen bench, or on the lounge and as a result 4x the original amount of clothes need ironing.

Because we all have our shirts and pants on hangers in our closets, hanging the clothes up is perfect. I hang the clothes on the hangers as soon as they come out of the machine, this is when I still have motivation, you see. Then, when I have a spare 5 minutes and the washing is dry I can quickly get all the hangers from the line and in a few minutes have them all in the correct cupboards. The shortest part of the process is now bringing the clothes in. This works the best for me because it is when I am usually completely over laundry or its getting late in the day.

Nothing better than a fresh load of washing on the line, is there?


  1. This post was like I reading about me! I like put the washing on and even hanging it out but lose total motivation when it's time to put it away once it's dry. I have wanted to try different approaches over the years, but haven't ......... so going to try yours and see how I go. Cassie x