Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Our little guys first birthday

As parcels start arriving and I begin planning our little mans' 2nd birthday party, I thought I might share with you what we did for his first birthday.

When it comes to decorating, crafts and planning, I am in heaven. I loved planning Cruz’s party and started my preparations about two months before the big day, nothing major, just kept my eye open for bits and pieces and did an hour or two here and there. The last thing that I wanted was to be stressed on the day and not able to enjoy our little boys’ big day. Cruz’s party actually fell on his birthday (a Saturday), so I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed his day as well.
The first thing that I did was pick a theme – Milk and Cookies. I figured that this would be one of the only times I would be able to do a sweet party like this, so I ran with it. I wrote out a list of everything I had to do and tried to cross off one or two things a week. I chose for the party to be at 9:30 am, this suited Cruz the best (it was his day after all). It also meant that everything had to be finished the night before, forcing me to be organised and enjoy the day with my little man.

The best part about this layout was that I was able to lift everything out 15 minutes before guests arrived, which meant I didn’t have to get anything out of the oven or remember to switch any timers on – it was all done. 

We loved Cruz’s cake. A friend of a friend made it for us after we showed her a picture of a similar cake online. This saved me a lot of time. It was a mud cake. I do not know what she did to it but this cake never ended. We were eating mud cake for weeks! Delicious.

We also made a quick smash cake for Cruz, which looked like a cupcake. This was done the night before and took us about 30 minutes to make, using some clever cupcake moulds.

It was such a special day and one filled with beautiful memories of what matters most – our family and friends.
In just over 4 weeks, we will be doing it all over again, and so the planning begins.
This years theme: Icecream Parlour.


  1. Gorgeous. I love planning parties for my kids too. I also start months ahead on sourcing bits and pieces. I love making their day special. Cassie x

  2. I love the colours here!! Where did you get your printables from? I am trying to come up with a baptism 'theme' x

  3. I bought the printables from 4 different etsy shops. Shoot me your email and I can send you the links to all of them if you like x