Sunday, 20 May 2012

Painting with Salad Spinners

I am always on the lookout for crafts that are fun and easy to do. When I found this one I knew I had hit the jackpot.

You will need:
A salad spinner
Paper plates (the cheap type, not plastic)

My Tupperware salad spinner must be smaller than the average size because I had to cut my paper plates a little smaller. Other than that, this craft did not need any prior organisation. I simply put a paper plate in the spinner, Cruz added the colours of paint he wanted straight from their containers and then enjoyed turning the handle on the spinner. Done.

I thought that he might enjoy seeing the colours mix together, but 'enjoy' was an understatement. He made 6 different paper plate designs and spent nearly an hour adding the paint and turning the spinner. Lunch was then ready and I had to pack the activity away, but I'm sure this would have kept him busy for hours on end.
Once they had all dried, I tied them together with a piece of string and then hung them on my pantry door so that we could enjoy them for a little longer. Fun and so very, very easy.


  1. Hello! This might be an odd question, but I was wondering where you got those pretty striped bowls from? I've been looking for something similar for a while now with no luck (they don't even need stripes!) x

  2. Hi Ali. The striped bowls next to the fruit bowl are from Kmart. They are $2 each and come in a few different colours. They have stripes and polka dots. The mugs are adorable too!

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