Monday, 28 May 2012

Science experimenting

Bicarb and vinegar never gets old in this house. It's fun every single time Cruz plays with it. Today, I altered the activity slightly by swapping the droppers we have used in the past to disposable shot glasses.

All you need:
Food colours
Small containers (or droppers)
A tray

I started by making 12 different colours and then added the colours and a drop of vinegar into each disposable shot glass. I only put a little bit of liquid into each cup as Cruz wanted to tip the colours into the tray on his own.

I then filled a tray with Bicarb. I have used a smaller tray before, but Cruz fills in all the spots with colour far too quickly. So, the bigger, the better I say! Next time I think I will do two large trays of bicarb just so that he can enjoy the activity for a little longer.

The best part about this activity was that I did not need to step in to correct or help Cruz at any stage. It was simple enough for him to do on his own and he was so very, very proud. He would grab a cup, pour it into the bicarb and then watch in awe as it bubbled up. Once all the cups were empty I just topped them all up with vinegar again. They each still had a drop or two of colour in them, which made lighter colours and a whole lot more fun.

Other than those cute little toes that accidentally got in the way of some colour (when we were trying to use a dropper), the activity was completely mess free. This is now Cruz's all time favourite activity and he asks to do it every. single. day. Once I lift the activity out, he plays happily for well over 40 minutes. It's a winner!


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