Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cruz's playroom

We bought this house because we wanted a house that we wouldn't have to renovate. Once we moved into it we realised that our wish was not going to be commanded. Nothing needed to be renovated, but we did have a few ideas that would make the house suit our family a little better. This house has 4 bedrooms and a huge home theatre (which my husband was not willing to sacrifice), along with the other "common" living areas . We plan on having two kids one day, so our plan looked a little like this:

Bedroom One ~ Master bedroom
Bedroom Two ~ Cruz's bedroom
Bedroom Three ~ A future baby Baker
Bedroom Four ~ Our office 

I soon realised that I wanted a playroom, and that we didn't have anywhere to build on. Tim suggested that we build in half of our double garage as we only use one side of it (Tim's work vehicle is too tall to fit into the garage). I was hesitant to change the look of the house from the outside, but was assured that Tim could build the whole room inside of the garage, without having to change the double garage door we have on the outside.

The structure went up, and although difficult to explain, you can see the structure of the playroom built inside of the garage. The garage door still exists, and opens above the playroom roof. 

 The walls, power points and roof were then installed and the exciting part of the room build, decorating of course, was getting closer and closer.

Once the room was painted, I got busy decorating ready for Cruz's second birthday. We decided that we would "reveal" the room to Cruz on his birthday. I had a list of features that I wanted in the room and Tim helped me to achieve them.

  • A craft corner, with paper, pens and paint ready for Cruz whenever he wants to craft.
  • An Ikea kitchen.
  • A bench seat and cushions for mums to sit when they bring their littlies to visit. 
  • A double bookcase with books facing towards Cruz so that he can access them easily.
  • A TV with the Wii connected for rainy days. We sacrificed the TV in our lounge as we have the home theater. I promise I didn't buy this massive TV for a playroom...

The best part?

This is going to be my new laundry. Not a good photo at all, but it will be well over double the size it used to be. The laundry and home theater are our next projects. I love renovations, maybe because Tim does the hard work and I get to do all the fun bits and pieces? Who knows.

I'll post how Cruz's party turned out as soon as I receive the photos back.


  1. I am loving your blog and the playroom looks great! Can i ask where you got the canvases you have in the playroom? I have been looking for something like it but haven't had much luck so have been thinking of making them myself but just need to find the right material!

  2. Hi Manuela,
    I bought the canvases from Spotlight and then found the fabric that I wanted and stapled them on. They were very easy to make and much cheaper than buying canvases already made! Maybe $30? Spotlight has some super cute fabric too!

  3. Hi there , I love the table and chairs you have in your toy room , would you mind sharing where it is from please

  4. Your playroom is gorgeous. Perfect!! I love your style and taste. Cassie x

  5. Jaylene, we bought the table and chairs from Officeworks. I went in the other day to get another table and our store no longer stocks them. They are wonderful.

  6. The playroom is just divine!! Did you get the elephant fabric also from Spotlight? I would also love to know where the cube storage boxes are from? I would love some in pale blue to fit the expedit. Thanks :-)

  7. Thanks Allison. Yes all the fabrics for the canvases were from Spotlight. So sweet. The cubes were bought from Bunnings Warehouse.

  8. Thank you so much, I'll have to go an look at Bunnings during the week. My hubby is on holidays so I am trying to convince him to paint the fence so Bunnings is in order anyway :-)