Thursday, 21 June 2012

Daycare days

We have a new addition in our lunchbox family. The Skip Hop Bee lunchbox and backpack are simply adorable and now join the elephant set we already had. Making sure the family are all ready for daycare and work can be hard work sometimes, but I have slowly learnt a few tips that have helped make things a little easier along the way.

My first lesson was that having an extra backpack and lunchbox for Cruz helped when I knew I had a busy week planned. For a year I used one lunchbox and bag. There were often times where we would head straight from work and daycare to someones house for dinner, meaning that by the time we got home I would need to unpack both his bag and lunchbox and then repack it with the next days food and clothes. Now, I have two bags with separate sets of clothes in each and on weeks that I am super busy I will make up two lunches and put them into the separate lunchboxes in the fridge ready to go. If I don't have time to unpack the bag or lunchbox now it is no big deal. Most importantly, I know I won't forget to pack anything in my mad rush.

The only thing that I don't have two of is this little toiletry bag below. I swap it from the front of each bag in the morning. Easy.

In the toiletry bag I have Cruz's insect repellent, sunscreen, little eye wipes, panadol and whatever nappy cream he is using at the time, if any.

Cruz's lunches change from week to week, but at the moment his lunchbox consists of 2 sandwiches (one cut into strips, the other in car/train/plane shapes), yogurt, a banana, apple, and then two snacks. Other than the sandwiches that are missing, this is what a typical lunchbox might look like.

Making lunches can be monotonous, but finding cute bags/lunchboxes/lunch accessories keeps the lunchbox love alive, well...most of the time.


  1. Even after packing all the lunchboxes I have for my kids, I seriously never thought to pack two and have them ready in the fridge. One yes .... but not two!! Great idea. Taking that on board along with your washing idea. Cassie x

  2. My kids have the skip hop backpacks, and now that I see how cute these lunchboxes are, these are next! Smart idea packing two bags- I need to do that=)

    1. We love the skip hop range! Having two bags ready saves my sanity which is important these days ;)