Monday, 11 June 2012

Ice Cream party favours

The hardest part about planning Cruz's upcoming party has been the party favours. I have been throwing ideas backwards and forwards with everyone and anyone that is willing to listen. We are keeping the number of people invited to Cruz's party this year smaller than usual. Last year for his first party we had between 60 and 70 people (Eek, I know. Crazy.). This year, we will have about 30 (including kids). There are 11 kids coming, 7 of them are one and under. I know that babies don't need favours, but I love giving all of Cruz's little guests something to take home. The only two certainties I knew about the favours was that 1, versatile favours were needed (they needed to work for kids aged 0 - 4) and 2, I didn't want to send too much junk food home (there may be enough of that at the actual party).

The favour bags are part of the sambellina range. I simply cut the 'lid??' off the top of them to match the rest of the party. I then added a sambellina gift tag from the same range and a sweet thank you tag that the lovely Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous made for Cruz.

Inside the favour bags I put a labelled tub of play dough (hopefully looking like a little tub of lime ice cream), ice block bubbles and a miniature lollipop.

These treat bags are perfect because they are just big enough to fit all three items in them without leaving too much room spare.

There will be a 3 week old baby girl and another little darling that is only a few months old joining us as well. For the two smallest guests I traded the bubbles for a sundae bowl and spoon, but left the lollipop in their bag for their mummy or daddy to enjoy. 

I love seeing all 12 of the favour bags lined up ready to hand out to Cruz's friends on his special day. I can't wait till next years party when Cruz is old enough to tell me the theme he would like for his own party. I'm stuck in the food themes. Last year was the Milk and Cookies party, this year the ice cream party. Next year could be dangerous.