Sunday, 10 June 2012

Keeping busy

My weekend in a snapshot.

1. The party decorating has started. Lots more to do - cutting, printing, glueing, baking, making etc. I always set my dessert table up well before the party and start looking at what still needs to be done. I hate last minute panics.

2. Trying to learn how to create curls with a GHD. I am still learning. It took me an hour to do and the curls didn't hold. Practise makes perfect...I need to practice.

3. Quick and easy dinners for the little guy who has a sore throat and is struggling with a cold. Here's hoping it all clears up ready for his party.

4. A sneak peak at one of the walls in the playroom (ignore the frames that aren't straight, they need to be levelled). The playroom is being finalised ready for the big reveal on Cruz's birthday morning. He is going to be very excited to see what we have hidden from him for so long.

More photos and details coming soon, but for now - a good nights sleep.