Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kitchen organising

Late on Sunday afternoon I got the cleaning bug and decided to clean out a few of the cupboards in our kitchen. I started with the pantry, then glass and mug cupboard and finally finished with our utensils draw. For our engagement party about 5 years ago we were blessed with a Tupperware starter pack. Since then, every Tupperware party that I have gone to (and I have gone to a few...) I have bought one or two of the modular mates to add to my pantry. Tupperware is expensive, I know, but I am a firm believer in the quality of their products and have been sold for life. Using the Tupperware containers helps me to contain some pantry chaos, but there are still bits and pieces that need alternative storage.

A few months ago I bought these 4 white baskets from Spotlight. They have been perfect for our home and I haven't looked back! The basket on the left contains all our sauces and oils. Next to it is what I call my 'add to' basket. It holds things that I might need to add to a meal to finish it off such as gravy's, seasonings, pastas, sauce packets etc. The third basket is full of extra ingredients, things that need to go into the Tupperware containers that don't fit yet. I always check this basket before going shopping in case I have something I need already. I normally have an extra packet of flour and sugar ready to go. The last basket is my baking bits and pieces; baking powder, cocoa, chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.

We store our knife blocks at the very top of our pantry along with our soda stream. At this stage it is the safest place for them to be. If someone learns to climb...we'll have to make a Plan B. In the corner of this photo you can see two A5 clipboards; they usually hold my meal planner and lunchbox planner. Next to it is a frame which I have added some scrapbook paper too. It is the very best invention I have used as a shopping list. I simply record what I need with a permanent marker (see it hiding next to the soda stream?) when I run out of something in the pantry. When I am ready to do the shopping I take a photo of it with my phone and head out the door. It's that easy! Once I get home, I use paper towel to wipe it clean and then start all over again.

The last cupboard I cleaned was our glass and mug cupboard. It is fairly easy to keep tidy because everything has a place. We are planning on renovating our kitchen and changing the brown cabinetry to white with some of the top cupboards changing to frosted glass (this cupboard will be one of them). Because you will be able to semi see what is inside it I wanted to keep the colours fairly low key. 

We still have quite a number of projects we need to complete in here but having order in the kitchen in the meantime helps keep us fairly sane.


  1. Gorgeous pantry, and gorgeous kitchen!
    Loving all the Tupperware, well worth the investment I say!
    I would love to follow your blog, but there doesn't seem to be a follow button, or is that just me?

  2. Liz I am still new to all this but at the top right of the page there is a followers section with google friends connect. Is this how people normally follow blogs? I'm sorry I'm not much help just yet. Let me know what's missing and I'll try and get the button. I saw the shout out on your blog and think you are so kind! I have followed your blog forever and it is very flattering that you took the time and effort to share it. Thank you x I don't have a Facebook page yet. I am still trying to find out how to set one up for a blog. Thanks again. You are a gem.

  3. Ive had my Tupperware modular mates for 22yrs still going strong though all y original lids have been replaced
    Great organization .

  4. Oh my pleasure hub. I think you and your blog are gorgeous. Xo.
    Yep that's where you would normally click follow, although it seems to be empty. I have seen it a bit lately. Maybe its a blogger fault? I wouldnt worry, I still touch base here !
    Keep it up chick, loving it!