Monday, 25 June 2012

Party Decorating

The photos arrived back and I have had so much fun looking through them. There are far too many to include in one post so I will share them between 4 or 5 posts. Today's photos are of the party decorating.

The theme for this year was an ice cream party. I did as much of the decorating as I could well before the day. On the Saturday before Cruz's party I moved the table into place, put a tablecloth on it and lay the platters in their positions. On the Sunday we made the paper garlands, painted the spoons and hung the pom poms. I concentrated on the favours on Monday and making the styrofoam blocks for the ice cream pops and lollipops on Tuesday. On Thursday night, I started working on the candy jars and on Friday night I did all the baking and picked up the cake.

The party started at 10am on Saturday morning so I knew I had to be organised. All that was left to do on the morning was pick up the balloons, make the cupcakes and take everything out of the fridge 10 minutes before the party started.

The table looked like this on Saturday morning 10 minutes before guests arrived. It had no balloons and no cold food or drinks on it.

At 9:50, I filled the tub up with ice and ice cream and took everything out of the fridge. Simple.

The spoon garland was fun and easy to do. We bought some bamboo spoons, taped two pieces of masking tape on each of them and then spray painted them with the colour we wanted. They dried really quickly and we were able to take the tape off and hang them on the fishing line in less than an hour. 

Everyone commented on the paper garland and so many people asked me how to make it. I cut out circles using a 2 inch punch (we used two colours - blue and white) and then sewed them together with white thread. It took about 30 minutes to sew start to finish.

The pom poms I had made by someone else so that I could just fluff them up when I was ready. Now that I have learnt how to do these, I will make them myself in the future.

The ice cream balloon idea came from pinterest. We made cones for each balloon and then slipped the balloon string through each cone once the balloon was inflated.

The table below is one that we have had for a while. It is Cruz's outdoor table. We simply added bunting to it and made it look a little bit more ice cream friendly.

The party decorating cost us no more than $100, with the biggest expense being the big red balloon. The best part of the whole day was standing back and seeing the kids and adults enjoy the set up of the party. It makes the late nights and hard work so worth it. But really...who am I kidding? I am in my element when I get to do a little party planning. It's something I really do enjoy.


  1. What a wonderful party you put together. Your approach to party planning is similar to mine in that I do as much as I can in the week leading up to the day too (I lay out my platters etc too) :)

  2. This looks just divine!! I am doing the same colours but an elephant theme for my little mans 1st birthday in December. I will have to have a go at doing the paper garlands. Do you just use an ordinary cardboard and use a sewing machine?!

  3. Allison I used ordinary A4 paper - the same as I use in our printer. And yes, a sewing machine :)

  4. WHERE is that delicious little childrens outdoor picnic table from? I saw them at Harvey Norman in Perth about a year ago, but not since! x

  5. Wow, I love these mesmerizing party decorations. I love each and everything. I think this theme would be perfect for my engagement party. I will get engaged at domestic party venue Houston and would definitely use this Ice cream theme for the decoration.