Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Party food part #1

The dessert table was full of...well..desserts.

We had water bottles for all the adults and juice poppers for the kids, all personalised with a sweet label. Our local Officeworks ran out of waterproof labels just before the party and as you can see the condensation did affect the 'normal' labels. No biggie...but it is something I will take into account in the future.

The chocolate mousse was made on the night before the party and added to these sweet jars from Sweet Style. I added one of the round 'enjoy' labels from Cruz's party printable set to each of the jars.

The small spoons (also from Sweet Style) were stamped with Cruz's name on them.

The cake pops were also made on the Friday night and stored in the fridge for the next morning. I added some flags that said 'Cruz is 2' and others that said '2'.

Tim's Nan made some fruit salad that I added to plain plastic cups. It was nice to have some goodness in between all that sugar.

We had two sets of these ice cream topping servers found at Robins Kitchen. Each had different toppings in them. 

The label holders were made by my dear hubby about 10 hours before the party. I looked everywhere but couldn't find any myself. These are made out of wire and were wrapped around a broom to get their shape. Anyone have any idea where to get label holders from? I'd love to know.

Tomorrow - more sweetness.


  1. I don't think you need to find any to buy, they ones your hubby made look great.
    The whole table looks fab.

  2. I got some label holders on ebay, they were not too pricey!! Let me know if you are still after some and I will shoot you the link.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! What brand are the waterproof labels I can't find any at my local Officeworks or on-line?

  4. Kaz, I have thrown out the box they were in. Our Officeworks had run out of them this year as well. Next time I'm in there I'll have another look and take a pic for you.