Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Party food part #2

The last of the dessert table party food today. If I have left any information out please feel free to ask.

Lollipops from Pink Frosting - the colours on these were a perfect match to our theme.

Ice cream pops. I found cake pops far more difficult to make than the oreo pops that I am used to making. Is there a secret? Am I doing something wrong? I'd love some advice. These cake pops were made by cutting down some mini waffle cones to the size we wanted, adding the cake pop balls covered in brown melted chocolate and then adding either blue, brown or white melted chocolate to the top of each ice cream. We finished each cone with a jaffa on the top.

The ice cream cookies were made by Sweetcheeks cookies and cakes. They were shipped from Sydney on Wednesday afternoon and arrived on my doorstep on Thursday morning. Not only were they too cute for words, but they were also very, very yummy. I thought I had ordered too many, but at the end of the party I had none left!!

The little chocolates below are Cadbury furry friends wrapped in the printables made by Style Me Gorgeous. Any leftover chocolate bars were sent home with the adults. They loved their little treat.

The cupcakes were made on the morning of the party using a basic cupcake recipe. I then added vanilla frosting, some rainbow choc chips, a straw cut to size, wafer and a jaffa on top. These were a big hit.

Last, but not least, we had platters of ham and cheese croissants. Most adults and kids had a croissant and fruit salad first, before heading in to the dessert table. I made sure that the croissants were outside with us so that parents could fill their littlies up with some goodness before they set their eyes on the sweets.

I have never been the biggest fan of croissants, but after Cruz's party I have been converted. These babies are good!


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