Thursday, 7 June 2012

When guests are on their way.

Our house looks different today. Sofas' have been replaced by sofa beds, tables have been set and our fridge has been stocked for our guests which will be arriving in about 4 or 5 hours time.

Since buying our house we have been working on one room at a time - deciding what furniture will suit the room best, where we want photos or art to be hung and how we want the room to feel. At the moment we have been concentrating on Cruz's room and the new playroom that is being built. Next will be the laundry and home theatre. The lounge, dining room and kitchen are nearly last on our list. It seems crazy as we are in these three spaces the most, but they function fine at the moment and we will benefit more from making sure other rooms function as well before start the living area. The lounge suite that is in the lounge is not permanent and we have our eyes on the suite that we want for this room, but today I was so grateful that we haven't swapped our lounge furniture just yet. This sofa has a double bed that magically appears from it - perfect for our overnight guests. 

At the moment we have no guest room. We changed what would have been the guest room to our office, left the home theater as it was, added a playroom and kept two bedrooms, other than ours for Cruz and his future sibling. We still are not sure whether we will create a guest room as we don't have people come to stay very often. Having our office, playroom etc. makes much more sense to us as we use these rooms everyday. Time will tell. 

We have made up the beds, added towels and some soaps and Cruz has chosen the book he thinks his second cousin would enjoy to read before bed.

We have set the table ready for dinner and dessert and added some beautiful fresh flowers to brighten up the house. I love going to our local florists. Is there anything better than standing in line waiting to order your flowers, while the men in front of you detail what they would like written on the cards being sent to their sweethearts. Super sweet.

Water, chocolate treats and a magazine have been placed near our guests bed. I'm sure there is nothing worse than being in someone else's house craving a little treat, or needing a glass of water and not knowing where to find these things at 11pm.

The cookies and milk bottles are ready for when the smallest of the guests arrive. No doubt after a long trip there may be a tired and cranky little girl that needs to be cheered up.

I have to work tomorrow, so being organised means that when our guests arrive the table is already set, beds have been made and bathrooms are ready to be used. I can enjoy their company and know that I still have time to get my little family ready for our day tomorrow. We have almost made it through this week. One more day to go.


  1. Wow just gorgeous I would love come and be a guest at your house, how welcoming.

  2. Do you have room for me? Looks lovely!

  3. Thanks ladies! It's always nice to have some extra company at home. It doesn't happen all to often.

  4. Wow so welcoming! And you did all this before heading to work! What work do you do? Cassie x

  5. Cassie, I am a highschool maths teacher.

  6. A teacher hey!! Should have known :), so organised x