Thursday, 26 July 2012

Family Bingo

Want a game to play after dinner with young kids? These family bingo cards are adorable and so much fun! They are sure to be a hit in your family too.

All you will need is
- the cute printables found here from the clever people over at Key Lime (we laminated ours so that they will last a little longer)
- markers for all the family (could be smarties, lego men, stickers etc).

Cruz chose to use dinosaurs and cars as his markers. Original?!

Before we used them as a family, I sat down with Cruz to have a quick round. It was a great tool to teach Cruz new words and I was really suprised by how many pictures he knew without me showing him. I would say a word ie. flower, train or ice cream and if Cruz had the corresponding picture on his player card he would put a marker on it. Easy.

Older kids can be challenged by practicing their alphabet. The bingo cards have been set up so that there is a picture for each letter of the alphabet. A for Apple, B for Bird, C for Car....all the way to Z for Zebra. Instead of calling out a word, a letter is called out and everyone has to check if they have something starting with that letter on their player card. Clever.

Hope your family enjoys it as much as mine has.
Happy Bingo'ing' x

P.S I am just in the process of setting up a Facebook page called 'Organising the Three of Us'. I'm still learning, but think it should be out there somewhere in the Facebook sphere. See you there.


  1. I will be following you on Facebook too. Good luck with it. The Bingo game looks great. Will check it out later. Cassie x

  2. Oh YAY hun! So glad you've taken the FB plunge!!
    Off to give your page a shout out
    PS Bingo game is so adorable as is your little man ;)