Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic fun

Saturday morning saw all three of us curled up in our bed watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Cruz loved watching the ceremony; his favourite bit being the torch arriving. Come to think of it, I didn't mind watching David Beckham arrive on his boat either.....I see Cruz's point. 

I had planned nothing for Saturday but decided that I best do something Olympic orientated after seeing Cruz get so involved in it. 

Enter Tiny me and their adorable printables found here

I quickly whipped up some cupcakes and added these cute Olympic cupcake toppers to them. Excuse the water marks on the printables. Think lemonade explosion, that's the short version.

I did a quick search on Pinterest to see what 'Olympic pins' I could find and found this Olympic cocktail idea. I'm sure the cocktails I was copying were more than lemonade, but Tim and I are not big drinkers and settled for lemonade instead. Lemonade and lifesavers - we live on the edge, don't we?

Our "cocktails", Cruz's water and the cupcakes joined us outside for a late afternoon picnic and a little game of soccer. It was semi Olympic, I think.

Here's to the Olympics starting. Cheers!


  1. Love it! Too cute! Those lifesavers are a great idea!

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