Sunday, 15 July 2012

Organising our bathroom ensuite

I spent yesterday morning going through our ensuite cupboards and doing a little tidy up. Once upon a time I had a trillion different products in the bathroom, maybe one for everyday of the month, but all that ever achieved for me was clutter. Products sat unused and it was difficult to keep everything in one neat place. Fast forward to having Cruz and I now only buy a handful of products, which is more than enough.

To clean the ensuite cupboard, I simply took everything out of the cupboards, threw away anything that I had not used this year and then packed everything back into two cute baskets that I bought from Target. One of the baskets is slightly  bigger than the other so that they fit perfectly to the left of the drain. My side is the right hand side of our cupboard and Tim's is to the left (minus the straightener and hairdryer).

When I stood back and had a look at my side of the cupboard I realised that having my makeup stand in front of the baskets gives a semi cluttered look. Not ideal. A short and narrow shelf added half way up the cupboard would be big enough to store my makeup above the two baskets and would also use the vertical space that we have. I am planning on doing the same thing on Tims side of the cupboard to mirror mine.  I'll see if it works and let you know. 

In the bigger basket I put the products I use for my hair and in the smaller of the baskets I put my face and body products. Now, when I need to do my hair I can lift out one basket and have everything I need out on the bench contained. Once I have the shelf put into the bathroom cupboard it should make taking the baskets out of the cupboard a whole lot easier. Organising spaces in our house to make everyday life 'easier' is what I set out to do. If it is easy to take a basket out and put it straight back into the cupboard it is more likely to be done, which will keep the bathroom neat and tidy. If I was to leave the set up on my side of the cupboard as it is, I would have to move the makeup stand before I could lift either basket out. The makeup stand would be more likely to be left out on the bench. It's the small things that make a difference and when life gets busy, its nice to have a system that helps to keep things easy.

Inside the hair basket I have:
Tresemme heat defence styling spray - used when I straighten my hair. Once it is finished I am going to swap over to the De Lorenzo heat defence spray.
De Lorenzo shampoo and conditioner - it's what my hairdresser uses at the salon and depending on my hair colour is changed to suit what my hair needs.
Cherry blossom ginseng shampoo - I use it when I need a pick me up. This stuff smells amazing.
De Lorenzo infinite detangler  - for those 'knotty' days
GHD curl spray - I use it when I curl my hair with the GHD. Alternatively, I put it into my hair when I don't have time to straighten it. It leaves the natural wave in my hair, but tames the frizz a little.
De Lorenzo create straight - this product is still from the old range of colours, so it looks different now. I use it when I want my hair to dry straighter naturally.
A little tube of treatment for between hairdresser visits.
My two brushes. 

In the face and body basket:
Mum to be stretch mark oil - I don't use this at the moment, but it has such a beautiful smell and leaves your skin lovely and soft. A product for all the mums to be. 
Love her madly - adore this fragrance. It reminds me of Tim's and my dating days. I only just rediscovered it, so it is a sweet blast from the past.
QV exfoliating polish - for those days my face needs a little help.
QV gentle cleanser - should use it nightly...doesn't always happen. whoops. 
MooGoo eczema balm - amazing stuff! We are lucky not to suffer eczema for 99% of the year, but when it does appear, this stuff gets rid of it for us.
MooGoo fullcream - I use every single day as face cream.
MooGoo Full cream tub - for moisturising anywhere when I feel I need it. Hello Winter. 

While I was clearing out the cupboards I found lots of loose cotton balls and tips. Solution - put them in their own jars out on the bathroom bench. Saves space in the cupboards and again makes things a little easier. Hooray!

It took me about 40 minutes to get my cupboards cleared out and back to how I want them. There is nothing better than being greeted by a fresh bathroom that you can get ready in on those mornings that you start the day ready for your next sleep. Treat yourself!


  1. Love your blog! Thank you for sharing snippits of your life with us :-)
    Love the idea of throwing out bathroom products that havent been used in a year! I am such a horder of these things! I have to remember that 12 months of no use is long enough!!! time for the trash!
    Where did you get your make up organiser? such a great idea! My make up is everywhere at the moment :-S

  2. Hi didn't have a contact button so that's why I am leaving this message for you here. You have been awarded a blog award


  3. Leanne I'm just loving your blog!!! You must must must start a Facebook page soon! It's really easy, then all of us other bloggers can help spread the OTTOU love. Happy to help if you need it xx Clare from The HOME She Made

  4. Sarah - the make up organiser is from Target, but I have also seen them in Spotlight just recently. They are brilliant!

    Jade - You are too kind. Thank you so much! I am trying to get that contact button up and running as we speak.

    Clare - Thank you :). I have been thinking about starting a facebook page, but am trying to make this family/blog/housework balance work for a little longer before I start something new. I don't know how all you ladies stay on top of everything. It blows me away. I have a lot to learn I think..

  5. Hey Leanne,
    I'm in LOVE with Howards Storage World, for all things that help with organisation of 'stuff'...
    Although it's probably cheaper to just get Tim to build a shelf, have you seen these...

  6. Oh I love the Howards Storage shelves! Thanks so much for the link.

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  8. Instead of drawing horizontal layout lines on the wall, I level a straightedge above the rim of the tub with shims (unless the tub is level enough to work off of, which is rare).