Monday, 2 July 2012

Quiche - 3 ways

This afternoon I made 9 batches of 12 mini quiches. That's a whole 108 bite sizes of yumminess. Spending a little under 2 hours of my afternoon putting these little guys in and out of the oven meant that I was able to cross 3 things off my very long to do list.

The first thing accomplished from my list was helping a friend. One of our dear friends has had a rough time with her health lately and I wanted to do something to make life that little bit easier. 48 of the miniature quiches were packaged up and sent over to her house so that she could freeze them for lunches, dinners or kids lunchboxes. I simply put the mini quiche onto a few platters and added these cute 'made with love' tags, found here.   

The next thing I was able to accomplish from my to do list was freezing some goodies for lunchboxes of our own this week. I now have 24 individually packaged lots of quiches (2 in each bag) ready to add to our lunches for the week.

And last, but not least, after spending the afternoon in the kitchen and needing to do a good clean up, I was able to serve Cruz's Sunday night simple dinner in less than 2 minutes. 3 warm mini quiche, some yogurt, cheese and fruit and as a treat - ice cream.

I always add different ingredients into the quiche. Today's ingredients included sweetcorn, bacon, cheese and escallots. Yum!


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