Monday, 16 July 2012

Sending some sunshine

I have seen a number of different ideas on how to create a 'sunshine in a box' gift (to brighten someones day) floating around the internet. As always, most the ideas can be found on Pinterest. There are humongous gifts that have more yellow than you could ever imagine in them, as well as down sized versions for something a little easier. I went for the down sized version. Actually, I probably downsized the down sized version. Confused yet?

Life does not always go as planned and when things get tough, it helps to know that someone is thinking about you. I have wonderful friends. Friends who turn up with a coffee in a busy week, friends that make dinners for us and drop them round when life gets busy and friends that check in just to ask if everything is going alright. I am lucky. Not everyone is.

One of my passions in life is to let people know that I care...for whatever reason. Or maybe no reason at all. This week I have had two people on my mind. Both for different reasons. And I wanted to send some happiness into their homes. Sometimes it's the little things that take people by suprise and let them know you care.

So, while I was grocery shopping this week, I picked up a few extras. Kleenex wet wipes, a starburst lollipop, nailpolish, cupcake cases, a milkyway and some juicy fruit. They all had something in common - the colour yellow. A happy colour. Perfect.

I packaged them into a cute yellow giftbag (also from Woolworths) and stapled a little note on the front of each of them. Easy.

They took me 5 minutes and cost me no more than $10 each, but that is not what matters. What matters is that the receipents of these little care packages will know that someone cares for them and cares about what is going on in their life. It's a tough world out there sometimes. It really is. There is nothing nicer than knowing that someone is on your side when the rest of the world may seem against you. It is what being a friend is all about. The good times, but more importantly the bad. Do you have a friend that needs a little sunshine right now? I promise this will be fun...


  1. Such a lovely idea. I usually shop at Coles but will now be making a special trip to Woolies.
    PS: LOVE your blog xxx

  2. Thanks Marie Claire. Hope you found what you were after!

  3. What a gorgeous idea! Loving your blog, You have to get onto facebook! Larissa ~ My Pigeon Pair

  4. This is a beautiful idea! What lucky friends you have :) Just found your blog - it is just dreamy! Look forward to reading more! xx

  5. What a lovely, thoughtful idea. I find I tend to do this sort of thing when friends/family are sick or stressed but not often 'just because' - I think that is when such a gesture is even more unexpected and appreciated. What cute polka dot bags you found x

  6. These are great! Such a cute idea to have ready to go if someone's having a bad day and needs some cheering up!