Friday, 6 July 2012


I am terrible when it comes to remembering to take vitamins. Anyone else have that problem? Either I forget to take them as I run out of the door for work in the morning, or amidst the nighttime routine of clearing dishes, making lunches and organising for the next day I overlook that I have forgotten to take them in the morning. I have extremely low levels of iron in my body and can have all sorts of side effects from this, so taking my iron is super important. I also give vitamins to Cruz. I know it is a personal preference to whether you give children vitamins, but for me knowing that Cruz is getting a well balanced amount of nutrients is important. Each child is very different.

To help me remember to take my vitamins, I collected all our different family vitamins from around the house and put them into this little Target basket. They fit perfectly! Now in the morning, when I am making our coffee to start the day, I remember to take my vitamins whilst the kettle is boiling. Done! Once we have all had them for the day, I put the basket back into the kitchen cupboard next to the coffee mugs away from little fingers. I know they have safety lids, but I am weird like that. Fast forward to the evening routine when I am putting our mugs back out for the next morning and the vitamin basket comes out again. It has been working for us so far and I'm sure my iron levels will be thanking me! 


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