Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekend Favourites

I love the weekend. Most of our weekends as a complete family (Tim often has to work) are spent the same way. We live very busy lives during the week and there is nothing we enjoy more than having a quiet day at home together on the weekend. It's a real treat. A number of weekend traditions have evolved since Cruz came into our life.

Most Saturday mornings start with a yummy breakfast away from home. We normally take our time to get ready on a Saturday morning and then slowly climb into the car and go for a drive until we spot the place we want to have breakfast. It's a lovely way to start off the weekend. We also use Saturdays for any general shopping we need to do, as well as any renovations we want to complete around the house. Saturday afternoons (when Cruz goes down for a nap) are Tim's and my time together. On 99% of his weekends off we make a coffee, grab a snack and hop into bed to enjoy a DVD together.  

Sundays are usual spent doing some groceries and getting the house back in order for the beginning of a new week. The fun parts of a Sunday for me are doing my nails and picking up new flowers and Cruz's favourites include bubble blowing and movie time with daddy.

This weekend we headed out on Saturday morning for a family breakfast at the beach so that Cruz could enjoy some sand castle building fun once we had finished eating.

And on the way home we finally took the plunge and came home with one of these little beauties. I get to make my decaf coffee guilt free (I know it's a crime) and Tim gets to experiment with all the other flavours. Happy days! It really does make such yummy yummy coffees!

Here's hoping everyone else had a lovely weekend. It really was perfect weather over here.