Wednesday, 1 August 2012

In progress: Cruz's room

 The last time you saw Cruz's room it looked like this. I had been working on it before his birthday party, but then had got distracted by all the fun things going on with his party and our week away. 

When I start to renovate or decorate a room I try to finish it as soon as possible and preferably before I start a new project and forget the vision I had for the last one. This doesn't always happen, sometimes because other things come up that need our time or attention first and other times because we need a little while to save the money for whatever our vision for a room might be.
Cruz's room was coming on well, but the blank wall underneath his air-con and above his bed was bothering me. I wanted to add something to the wall but had no idea what I wanted. I decided to leave his room as it was and began decorating the playroom, ready for Cruz's birthday instead. It was while I was putting the canvases up in the playroom that I decided that I wanted to put a big rectangular canvas above Cruz's bed. I wanted something that he wouldn't grow out of too quickly and something simple. A quick trip to Spotlight and I had found the perfect fabric - a simple navy and white striped fabric. It was exactly what I was after and the canvas was made and on the wall in no time.

 Now that the canvas is up on the wall, my vision for this room is back and I am keen to finish it. As the room stands now, it is more sky blue than navy blue. I want to add a few more navy pieces to the room to balance the colours out. Down that little lane have the pieces that I would like before I call this baby finished. 

This cushion is perfect for Cruz's bed and will tie the navy stripes on the canvas with the few navy stripes on his bed.     

Cruz adores maps and finding out where places are and I have been in love with this print for what feels like forever. It is personalized which makes it a little more special.

This cute mirror is my favourite. Cruz loves airplanes just like his dad and will be over the moon to have anything to do with airplanes in his room. I love it.

A change of the curtains and lamp to something navy, a quick removal of some soft toys (that are a little to babyish for him) and we'll be done. When planning this room, my goal was to create a space that Cruz could call his own, somewhere that he would want to be and a place that he wouldn't grow out of too quickly. Hopefully, by the end of this room creation I will have ticked those boxes.

All going well, I will share his updated room with you very soon.


  1. Oooh Leanne...I was looking through the Penny Scalon site yesterday and they have a gorgeous blue with stars. Bummer though that their 50% off ended last night (I'm pretty sure), but it would so suit Cruz's room!!

  2. Had to share this link for you...I checked the PS site and this design wasn't available. The Zanui site also has a $10 coupon if you subscribe to the newsletter, so a little extra saving :) I almost bought it myself yesterday, now I wish I had!!

  3. Love the addition of your canvas to the wall above Cruz's bed - adds a depth to the room and with a few more navy and white touches, everything will look perfect! Can't wait to see the end result x

  4. Stunning room love it all. Can I please ask where you purchased the bed and bedside table? Ta Christine

  5. Thanks Amanda. I love that lamp. It's so perfect. Just the lamp I was after.
    Christine, I bought them from Fantastic Furniture. They are far cheaper than our larger stores around here.

  6. Aw thanks for including Down that Little Lane in your favourite pics for his room.. it looks fab!! off to share on out FB page :)

  7. Thank you so much for featuring one of my vintage world maps! Can't wait to see the end result ~ Sherry x