Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Organising Cruz's cupboard

Last Thursday I tackled Cruz's cupboard. The way it was before worked, but it wasn't practical. I'm a "everything needs a home" kinda girl and there certainly wasn't a home for everything in his cupboard. So, on Thursday, I pulled everything out of the cupboard and started again. I went to Bunnings and bought some Clever Cube shelves and storage boxes and then headed home ready to tackle the pile head on. Once everything was put back into the cupboard and into the individual cubes the cupboard looked like this. Love at first sight.

We hang all Cruz's clothes up, other than his pajamas and singlets which are folded neatly into the cubes. On the left hand side of his cupboard we put some jumbo storage cubes (also from Bunnings). The top cube has extra body wash, shampoos, creams etc. The second cube has his nappies, wipes and nappy bags. The third holds a few loose soft toys (at his height) and the bottom cube has his shoes.

I am still thinking of how to label these cubes and am still considering not labeling them at all, but at the moment hidden inside those cubes are:

Top Left - pajamas
Grey draws - socks and singlets
Top Right - Beach wear
Bottom Far Left - Spare blankets
Bottom Left - Hats/bibs/scarfs/beanies
Bottom Right - Bags
Bottom Far Right - Vapouriser

The top of his cupboard has his nappy bag (which is always prepacked ready for a mad dash) and two boxes on the top right of his cupboard which hold clothes that are too small or too big (until I find the time to transfer them into storage along with his other clothes).

Down the bottom of his cupboard on the right of the cube storage is his washing basket, which fits in just perfectly.It was meant to be.

Operation 'organise Cruz's cupboard' is complete and I am loving the new sense of order. Here is his cupboard with the doors back on and a sneak peak of his navy curtains hanging and new bookcases up in the left of the photo. His room is nearing completion now. Who knew decorating for little guys would be so fun?



  1. Stunning job Leanne! And I love that this fully functions just as a set of drawers would, but sooo much more storage...clever chick!

    I can see the problem with labelling, it looks so nice and simple as it is. The only option I can see is to use twine to tie laminated labels onto the handles?? Or maybe you could tape little labels on top of the unit, above each basket/section?? That way they wouldn't be seen but hubby/grandies would still easily find what they're looking for :)

  2. Love it! I hang all my boys clothes also. are the blue cube boxes from ikea?

  3. Hi Leanne - this looks AMAZING!! I ended up getting your Cubes from Bunnings in the Pale Blue and the Coffee colour as well. I saw the grey units that you used in this project, they are such a great idea!! Cruz is lucky to have such a beautiful big wardrobe - a bit of envy from me here :-)

  4. This is awesome! I'm just about to completely do over both the 18 month old and 3 year olds rooms and love the idea of having the cube storage inside the wardrobes for clothes instead of chest of drawers which I was finding cumbersome and not practical for toddler clothes! Thanks for the terrific ideas!

  5. Looks fabulous! May I ask how much the cube unit from Bunnings is?

    I'd never thought to look there! I have IKEA 10 mins away so am keen to compare price/size etc for baby #2's walk in wardrobe :)

  6. Looks great Leenne! You are so organised! I saw the cube units at Bunnings myself the other week - how do they compare to Expedit? I think they are cheaper? Are you happy with the quality?

  7. FABULOUS! Theres enough storage to grow with him as he gets older too. Love your work. :)

  8. Wow... Looks fantastic Leanne... You must be really pleased with it.... Don't you love it when a project comes together.

  9. That just looks absolutely wonderful. I'm going to steal a few of your ideas to organise my boy's rooms...
    I'm also in love with those curtains. Do you mind sharing where you bought those from?

  10. Amanda B - the cubes are from Bunnings.
    Shayne the cube storage cost $120 and then I had to purchase the cubes as well.
    Cass - We have a few of these now. I can't compare them to the Expedits because I have never had one, but we are happy with the quality of these storage cubes!

    The curtains were from Spotlight :)


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