Monday, 20 August 2012

The new bookshelves are up.

Happy Monday and a big thank you for your kind words, e-mails and messages checking up on me over the past week. They were all appreciated and so kind! This post was meant to be published last Wednesday, but obviously due to the week that was, it just didn't happen. it is. 

When you saw the little mans room last, it looked like this. I shared about the need to finalise Cruz's room before I moved on to the laundry. Because I'm crazy like that. The space above his little chair, in the corner, was bothering me and I felt the need to add some navy before I declared his room complete. The navy cushion has now arrived, a world map is in the mail heading our way and the last thing that I need to do is find a lamp (Long story. I bought one online, but sadly they have let me know that the one I bought is not in stock and the search for a lamp needs to begin again).

In the meantime, there has been progress. Both the navy curtains (which you may have noticed in the last post) and the bookshelves are up. The best part about the bookshelves is that they cost us a total of $14. Tim bought a length of 42mm x 19mm pine to use as the bottom of the shelves and a length of 42mm x 12mm pine for the front and sides of each bookcase. He cut them to the size we wanted to suit the space we had and then pre-drilled each piece before fixing the bottom of the shelves to the wall. Once they were in place, he used small nails to fix the fronts of the bookcases to the bottoms. Doing this meant that we had no screw holes showing that needed to be fixed up. Brownie points all the way.  

 I have seen a number of tutorials online using Ikea spice racks which is a neat idea too! The spice racks are $2.49 each, so would be cheaper to use than making your own. Find them here. We simply live too far away
 from Ikea to have had that option last weekend. 

So far the bookshelves have been working a treat. Cruz can reach the bottom shelf at the moment and I have been rotating what books are on that shelf every few days. As he gets older, I am sure we will be able to use these shelves for photos of friends and family or certificates. Only time will tell.  

A close up of the shelves. Notice the tiny nails holding the fronts on?

Our favourite books at the moment are by Dr. Seuss. I'm pretty sure I love bedtime stories better than poor Cruz. Those books are a blast! I'd love to know of any books that you think are too good to miss. Any favourites that you or your kids have at the moment?


  1. Looking great! Those navy curtains make a real difference too.
    My daughter who is nearly 2, really likes, 'Where is the green sheep', 'Dear Zoo' and any playschool book since she is obsessed with playschool at the moment =)
    Ive just ordered her some books from the Book Depositary based on recommendations online...such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Who Sank the Boat, We're going on a bear hunt. They are meant to be popular so hopefully she will like them =)

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions Tanya. Brown Bear is a favourite here too. Cruz "reads" it without even looking at the book now. You'll understand why when you get it ;).

    Thanks Lisa x

  3. The room looks gorgeous!

    One of our favourite books is Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes x

  4. Cruz's room looks lovely. Those navy curtains make such a big impact. Love the book shleves, too :)

  5. Hi there lovely, I am trying to get hubby to mount some ikea spice racks into both my kids bedrooms, but he insists that the shelves will just break away from the plaster wall as its too heavy and will need to be drilled into the actual beams behind the plaster. He has a fair point, and he is a cabinet maker and jack of all trades really, so I trust his judgement, but I see your shelves and I just want to do it anyway lol. Is there any trick you used to keep them firmly in place? I have looked into plaster mates but hubby thinks they might not do the job either. Thanks so much in advance! I love your blog, your house, and all your updates! Cat x

    1. Hi Cat,
      Somehow I lost my reply. I asked my husband and he said that he used Ramset Togglemate Plasterboard anchors. Hope that helps?


  6. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.
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