Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The playroom - 2 and a bit months on.

I have had a few e-mails and Facebook messages asking me about the playroom, so I thought I'd do a quick post with a million photos to hopefully answer some of the questions. 

This playroom was built inside of our double garage as we only have one family car and weren't using the other half of the garage. The garage space was being wasted and I was desperate to have a designated toy room away from the rest of the house. Tim agreed to build it for me and we "revealed" it to Cruz as his 2nd birthday present. This project is ongoing as we are converting the full length of the front of the garage into a laundry (hopefully during these school holidays). There will be pictures by the dozen, I promise. 

Anyway, this is what the space looks like 2 months on (when the little guy was asleep and I had tidied it a little). 

The wall to the left as you walk in has Cruz's bookshelves, a rug to sit on and read and an interactive globe that was a gift to him from my mum's aunt. 

On the back wall is Cruz's beloved kitchen. He plays with this every single day. I'm guessing that one day his future wife will be thanking me for the skills he is learning? Maybe. Maybe not.

 The shelf above the kitchen has changed since I first put the playroom together. It used to have a turntable with all the different pens and colours organised, but that only lasted a few weeks before I got sick of putting them all back every night. Now, I use the lazy smart method and throw them all into one glass candy jar that I bought on special at Target a little while ago.

On the same wall as the kitchen is our little craft corner. If you saw the original playroom post you will notice that there are no longer bits and pieces in the clear containers hanging above the playroom table and chairs. Again, this was an idea that just didn't work for us, so for now, paintbrushes and other craft accessories needed for craft days have been put out of reach.

 The TV corner also has a new shelf above it with our Wii on it. The side to side clever cube storage has been working a treat. Cruz loves sitting on them during TV time and the cubes themselves have been great for keeping the toys hidden away. All his toys are in these cubes, we don't keep any around the house.

 This is a shot of what the playroom looks like from the outside of the room. We couldn't build the playroom to the end of the garage as the garage door wouldn't be able to open over the top of it. Tim used the wasted space that was left between the playroom and garage door by adding a narrow cupboard to store his sporting equipment in. It cannot be accessed from the inside of the garage. When he needs his golf clubs or cricket bag he reverses up to the garage, opens the garage door and grabs whatever he needs out of it. So far, it has worked well.

The measurements of the inside of our playroom (with room left at the front of our garage for the new laundry) are 4.2m by 2.6m. The "walk through" laundry will be approx 1.43m wide from the playroom wall to the back of the laundry wall. I haven't measured how long it will be yet.

I'm hoping this has answered a few questions. If it hasn't feel free to ask any questions I have left unanswered. I have added a number of photos in the hope that the saying "a picture speaks a thousand words" proves to be true. 

Happy Tuesday everyone.

* On a side note, has anyone seen white cubes?


  1. Absolutely adore this room Leanne! I was just wondering, did you make the padding that is on top of the clever cubes? I can't sew to save my life, but I love this idea.

    1. I'm hopeless at sewing too! We actually just put a board under the foam and stapled the fabric to the board underneath. Nice and easy! Let me know if that doesn't make sense :)

  2. Where did you get your play kitchen from Leanne?

    1. The kitchen is from Ikea! Such a great little investment.

  3. Ikea now have Branas baskets in white to fit the Expedits - however I was lucky enough to snap four up the week they were released and haven't seen them in stock since!

    Other than that, white ones seem to be elusive!!

  4. Oh really!? Thanks! Will keep my eye out for them next time I'm there. Thanks for letting me know x