Friday, 14 December 2012

A toddler's pick of daycare gifts & some work treats.

I have been collecting Christmas treat ideas for Cruz's daycare friends as I have seen them through the year. Last week I printed all the ideas and let Cruz pick what he wanted to give to his friends and daycare mum. My favourite part of letting Cruz choose was that I didn't have to sit and argue with myself about what to do. He picked what he wanted in 5 minutes and the decision was made for me. Easy Peasy!

The gift he chose for his daycare mum was inspired from this picture. I swapped the tuna tin for a glass jar so that we could fit more Smarties into it. I used 6 of the family value bags to fill the jar. The crayons were then glued onto the jar with a hot glue gun, which I bought from Spotlight for $10. Once they had set we added the gift tag and the gift was finished. Obviously the jar could be filled with other goodies instead, maybe flowers, art supplies or stickers.

 He wanted each of his 7 daycare friends to get a treat bag that looked like this. I couldn't find any thing to use as the shiny nose, so I used red pom poms instead. To complete each bag I needed:
  • White, brown and black cardboard (for the eyes and nose)
  • A red pom pom
  • 2 brown pipe cleaners   
  • A mini peg to attach each child's name 
  • A brown bag
 All the supplies were bought from Spotlight.

Inside each treat bag I put a roll of stickers, a tub of play dough, a bauble, bubbles, a mini chupa chup and a magical elves chocolate. Other than the Magical Elves, these are Cruz's favourite things. Excuse the horrid photo - I think I took it a minute before I was due to leave and pick Cruz up.

Yesterday was my last day of work. As a little treat for my workmates in our staffroom I put together these very easy mini treat jars. The jars were bought from the Reject Shop. To fill the 10 of them I needed 3 and a half of the big tubs of M&M's that can be bought from Big W. The little tags were from Spotlight. From start to finish I think that they took me less than 10 minutes.

So there you have it. 1 daycare mum, 8 daycare treat bags and 10 work friends lolly jars completed in a 3 hour time span. Like I said in one of my last posts, I am doing my very best to keep this Christmas simple and stress free. My list of what I need to buy for the 19 adults and 11 kids has just been finished and I am hoping to get to the shops sometime next week

Here's hoping this Christmas has been enjoyable for everyone else so far too x


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  3. Love all these gift giving ideas. I like to keep on hand a stash of burlap or cotton drawstring bags. When you need a gift package they are cute plain or you can dress them up for each gift. Kids really love decorating them too!