Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas trees and some more naughty elf antics!

 It's been a busy few days. Two of our air conditioners and our dishwasher have broken in the same week. Want to have a laugh? Well, our aircon in our staffroom at school has been broken for a while too! All of that comes with the latest heatwave that has hit Queensland and has been tipped to be the worst in over a century!? Did I hear that right? Not a good time to be halfway through a pregnancy where sickness can be set off by the heat! I'm telling you..the man upstairs has a wonderful sense of humour!! Anyway, enough whinging, although I do hope that everyone else is keeping cool somehow.

Elfie has been up to his crazy antics again. If you are on my Facebook page you would already have seen Day 4's photo (below). Tim had far too much fun with this one and I couldn't stop smirking every time I walked past this little scene. I'll miss the little fella when January comes!

Today, Day 5, saw Elfie tip our train over before climbing the tree, knocking the star off the top and then taking its place. Cruz has spent the morning trying to fix the scene. If Elfie has taught Tim and I nothing else, we have learnt that our sweet little man does know right from wrong and it's so very very cute to listen to his stories about this special elf.

Tuesday afternoon when we all arrived home from work we set out to complete this sweet craft treat. We kept it very simple, but now that Cruz has the hang of it we will be making some more and being a little more adventurous next time. If you follow the link above, you'll be greeted with all sorts of cute and very sweet (literally) ice cream cone Christmas tree ideas. Nice and simple - my theme for Christmas 2012. 


  1. Oh I love your elfie, I have never seen one before and think it is such a fun idea. Where did you find him?


    1. Hi Ann,
      He is so much fun!! We bought him online from the book depositry. If you can't find him let me know and I'll grab a link to the site for you.

  2. Thank-you I found it! Ann