Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's tree time!

Yesterday, like many other families, we started making our home feel a little more like Christmas. Our Christmas Elf, which Cruz named Elfie, arrived. Cruz was fascinated to say the least and has already made his own little story about where he comes from, why he doesn't move during the day and reasons for why we shouldn't touch him.  

The tree went up. It was fun - really, really fun. Cruz is finally old enough to get in on the fun which is very sweet. He helped decorate the tree, fell in love with the train set all over and made sure that the 'snow' under the tree was just perfect. The snow and coloured trees underneath the Christmas tree were inspired by Jen at I Heart Organizing. I loved her idea and thought that it would finish our tree off perfectly this year. If you haven't already seen her tree - you'll love it and can find it here.

Cruz's advent mailbox and Christmas books also went under the tree. Each day Cruz gets something very little in the mailbox along with an activity to do. The activities are beautiful and were created by the very clever Bianca from a little delightful (found here). We also wrap up a Christmas book to open each night, which we read under the Christmas tree as a family. This year we are planning on doing a number of random acts of kindness for people around our town. Christmas is such a special time for us, but can be a very difficult time for others and I want Cruz to grow up being aware of this.   

We have a few simple activities planned for the next 23 days, but I am *planning* on keeping it simple and enjoying the festive season slowly this year. We'll see how well I can stick to that...

For now, I'll leave you with dear old Elfie hanging from the light in our lounge. I'm pretty sure that Tim and I are having more fun with him than Cruz is. 


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