Monday, 17 December 2012

The importance of the Elf in our home

In a year that has been a little more ordinary than usual, having Elfie in our house has been just what we needed. Since September Tim has been doing everything. Lunchboxes, dinners, breakfasts, washing and bits of tidying here and there. While our house has been in quite a state I can confidently say that this dear man has been going above and beyond to keep our little family functioning. On Saturday night, after another morning spent in hospital, I sat all bundled up in the lounge room and watched from a distance as Tim tried to think of anything and everything I might feel like for dinner. When he didn't think what we had was good enough, he took Cruz and headed to the shops to buy some extra groceries. Once they were home with the groceries, he made what looked like a delicious dinner - 3 vegetables, meat and a side of cheese toast. Of course, after all his effort, I had a slice of carrot and was back in the bathroom and unable to eat another bit of that dinner. Cruz, as always, became concerned and before I knew it had brought through an apple for me to try as well as a new blanket and pillow "to make mummy feel better". Our little man has a very kind heart and goes out of his way to help me back and forward to the bathroom, patting my back while I am in there, which of course breaks my heart

And so, as I sat back on the couch watching Tim and Cruz finish their dinner and then start the evening routine, my heart hurt. Firstly, because I feel sorry for Tim and the amount that he has to do, on top of his long work hours, to keep us afloat and secondly, of course, for our dear little boy who has spent the last 4 months entertaining himself at home while we get through each day. Once again Tim came to the rescue, after seeing the tears flowing, and reminded me that it isn't going to be like this forever and that seeing Cruz's delight when he has a little friend to play with next April will make everything worthwhile. And so with that, he stopped the evening routine, got some popcorn and a movie and we all bundled into the theater to watch a happy movie. My hero again.

And so from time to time we need a little pick me up as a family and some time to have a good laugh. And this month our little friend "Elfie" has been that perfect bit of fun for us. He is probably a naughtier elf than other elfs in the big wide world, but that would most definitely be because Tim has been behind all of these brilliant ideas. Every night while I'm asleep and Tim is finishing up in the house he organises Elfie for the next morning. And every single morning I have been surprised by his clever ideas. We have had motorbikes in our kitchen (which meant that Tim had to organise for his dad to pick him up for work while Elfie rode his bike happily in the kitchen that day), bubbles flowing out of our guest toilet, monkey's being cooked on the stove and planes crashed into our Christmas tree. I'm almost positive that I am going to miss this little elf more than Cruz.

And just so that no one worries, we are fine. The sickness should ease again soon and the physio and doctors are working on my pelvis. In fact I am sure that I must be the luckiest wife and mother around and struggling a little through the last few months has helped me to learn a number of very important lessons. Above all, by being forced to sit back and observe our life from the couch or bed, I have realised how blessed I am as a wife and have loved and appreciated Tim so much it hurts. I hope that if I remember nothing else from this experience, I will remember what Tim has done over the last few months and that I will be forever grateful. An important lesson for me to learn.

In no particular order, I have included what Elfie has been up to over the last week and a bit. Enjoy my clever husbands creativity and mischievous streak... just like I have!


  1. What a lovely post, Leanne, you write so well. And what a lovely thing to take away from feeling so crook- well done, you are an inspiration. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Jess! I'm certainly not a writer. There is a good reason I teach Maths and not English. Haha. Nonetheless I love recording these memories for Cruz! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment x