Friday, 18 January 2013

A complete room!

 The last time I blogged about Cruz's room it looked like this.
I wanted to finish his room completely before I moved onto the babies room. So...after the arrival of his world map and the star mobile which is hanging in the corner of the room - WE NOW HAVE A COMPLETE ROOM! Cruz loves it and got to choose what went into his room which made everything a little bit more special for me. My mum used to let us choose the theme of our room and I always loved having 'my' special space that I could retreat too. Mind you..I do remember changing my theme at least once a year (let's hope Cruz doesn't turn out like his mother!!). I had kittens, mermaids, barbies.. you name it, I had it. If you asked me what the theme of Cruz's room is, I'd probably say "Cruz". It's a little bit of everything he likes as a nearly 3 year old.
  • The letter C on the shelf is his pride and joy. Everywhere we go he spots out the "c for Cruz"  in words.
  • He loves stars (hence the doona cover and mobile) and one of his favourite things is to go outside at night with Tim and look up at the stars.
  • The world map keeps us very busy. You can often find him pointing out where we live, where his two uncles live (one in Africa, one in Ireland) and where his mummy was born. I'm learning a number of things about geography at the same time, which can't be a bad thing.
  • Eric, the over sized bunny, is just so quirky and funny that it reminds me of Cruz. Cruz has taught Eric to throw ball, sit in the time out corner and to go to bed on time.
 Anyway, here it is - Cruz's room as a 2 and a half year old.    


  1. Hi :-)
    I love Cruz's bedroom, you have done such a great job! We just re-painted my son's bedroom in the holidays and Ive been looking at World maps, more of a vintage style originally but I also love the one in his room! Do you mind sharing where it is from, and the mobile! I love them both!

  2. Looks amazing Leanne. I am strating to plan Mr B's big boy room for later this year and was debating a ladder shelf like you have. Do you find that it has worked well? Not sure if I should use this or a Cube Unit such as an Expedit?

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