Wednesday, 16 January 2013

An evolving home...

Tuesday's zone for my housework is our living area (the theater, lounge, dining room and kitchen). Yesterday was the first day in 6 months that the living area has been cleaned the way I like to clean it. Cupboards were wiped down, glass and stainless steel was cleaned and all the surfaces were swiped with vinegar. It felt good. There is still a fridge and freezer, a pantry and some drawers that need major cleaning on the inside, but for this week I am happy with the progress. 

While the living area is tidy, I thought I would snap some pictures of what our house looks like at the start of 2013. Our home has evolved since we bought it nearly 3 years ago and I love looking back and seeing the bits and pieces that have been added either as small purchases along the way or as birthday and Christmas gifts. We have a number of things that we would like to do inside our house, but other things have been more important, so we are taking baby steps in adding to our home.  

 One of the things that we would like to do is get our kitchen cupboards changed to white. Either the whole cupboards will be replaced or we will look into resurfacing them. Any advice on resurfacing vs. replacing? I'd love to hear your thoughts before we embark down the kitchen renovation path.

I like to keep very little on our benches. It makes it easier for me when things all have their own homes inside cupboards and out of sight. On our main bench I keep our fruit, hand soap, tulips and Freddy - our fish. Everything else goes away. I have tried a number of different arrangements on our kitchen bench, but this is what works best for me.

Our Pottery Barn order arrived yesterday morning while Cruz and I were cleaning the living area. We couldn't wait to see what everything looked like, so set it up straight away. Everything is meant to be for Valentines Day, but I have a feeling I won't be taking them down anytime soon.

Our lounge room is the most incomplete room in the house. The sofa belongs to my inlaws, there are no pictures on the wall just yet and the feature wall needs touching up, but at the moment it is perfect for what we need.

So there it is, our living area as it currently stands - a lot cleaner than it has been for a number of months and for that I feel better. Does anyone else photograph what their house looks like every year so that you can look back on the changes? I love looking back at the houses I grew up in and seeing what everything looked like when I was younger. 

Today is all the bedroom's on my cleaning chart, so I am hoping I have a 'feel good' day and can get them back in order too. Maybe, maybe steps!    


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