Tuesday, 8 January 2013

For the love of books

I love books, not for me, for Cruz. I love that they allow us to have discussions about things that we might never have talked about before and how Cruz opens up about things that are important to him that I may not have thought about either. I choose books because of the messages that are inside them; our three new books are about loving pets, kisses and giving. The best part is that they cost a grand total of $11 (for all 3) and because they are hard covered will last us for years.

Because of the book The way i love you, last night I learnt about new ways that make Cruz feel loved. In no particular order...
  1. Bubble time in the bath before bedtime
  2. Bedtime stories with mummy and daddy
  3. Having yummy lunches that look "pretty"
  4. Drawing with Nan
  5. Kisses and cuddles
  6. Mummy or daddy saying "good job Cruz"
Way to make a mothers heart melt! All of the things he listed cost time, not money. The books teach me a lot too and remind me of what is important, just like last night did all over again.

These books now have a new home in the shelves of his bedroom. The last addition to his bedroom has been ordered and as soon as it arrives photos will follow. 

Happy reading!