Friday, 4 January 2013

Our backyard getaway - miniature style

Yesterday, after our usual morning routine, Cruz and I decided we needed a change of scenery from the four walls of our home. We don't venture outside much at the moment because of the heat, which has been getting to me (Tim normally takes him out to the park to play cricket or ride his bike when he gets home from work), but decided it was time to head out into the nice hot summer day together.

The blow up pool was taken outside so that it could fill up with water while I made the infamous 'picnic in an ice tray' treat (whoever came up with this idea first was onto a winner). We also poured some yogurt into a couple of tiny jars ready to take to our miniature picnic by our miniature pool.

It was nice to get outside and do something a little different, even if it was short lived because of the extreme heat! We will be setting this all back up over the weekend to have some water play with daddy this time. I plan on making some Zoku pops to enjoy while we are in the pool. Yum!

What has everyone else been doing to survive the heat and have a little extra fun?


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