Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toilet time with our big boy

We started toilet training Cruz on the 14th of December, making him almost exactly 2 and a half. Obviously I have never toilet trained anyone before so this is all very new to me. The only bit of advice that I remembered hearing from other mums was to start training the summer closest to their 2nd birthday - so this was it. Toilet training was not something I was excited about starting (is anyone?), but with the next baby due in less than 4 months I knew it was something that I wanted to start while there were still only 3 of us in our little family. 

Time goes so fast. Tim and I are both still shocked that we have gone from having a newborn in our house to now watching that 'newborn' take himself to the toilet. Unreal. Even crazier is that we are just about to start the newborn cycle again. Crazy.  

I am a sucker for setting timelines for myself. Cruz's bottles were thrown out on the night of his first birthday, his dummy was thrown away on the 9th of December 2011 (my first day of the 6 week school holidays last year) and he moved into a toddler bed on the night that he turned 16 months old. All of these dates (other than the bottles) coincided with the start of school holidays - so that I had time to help him through the transition. I used Cruz as my cue for when he seemed ready for these milestones and would then plan to start the transition from the nearest school holidays so that I could prepare myself. Cruz has always been more ready to give things up than I have been to see him saying goodbye to his "baby days" and for that I am thankful and very lucky, I know.

On the first day of toilet training, once Cruz had woken up, I changed him out of his nappy and straight into his new undies. He was very proud of them. Tim and I both showed him how to go to the toilet (sitting down) as well as how to get up and down from the toilet on his own. We told him about him needing to do his wee's and poo's in the toilet, not in his pants, and then sent him off to play (with all our fingers and toes crossed). We tried not to make a big deal of it and just went about our day. 

Tim left for work and I started putting some washing in the dryer when all of a sudden Cruz called out for me to come quickly. I was shocked, to say the least, to see that he was on the toilet, had done a poo and was waiting for me to wipe his bum. We phoned daddy to tell him the exciting news and he got this first sticker and smartie. 

I knew that moment was too good to be true! Since then we have had accidents, but his sticker charts are now sporting 40 or more stickers (most of them being from wee's), so we are focusing on the positives. Every now and then we have to put pull-ups on him (for bedtime, lunch sleeps and Christmas day etc), but he has already figured out that the pull ups work like nappies - argh! We still have quite a road ahead of us on this toilet training journey and I'm sure there will be plenty of setbacks along the way, but we have made a start. I would love to hear of your toilet training stories or any tips you have that made life a little easier in your family.


  1. I haven't started toilet training yet. My daughter is 2 but I'm going to wait until she shows more signs of readiness. at the moment she is scared of the toilet! =)

    However when discussing this with her Montessori teacher she mentioned that once you start - don't go back and don't put nappies back on because it gets too confusing for them (except for overnight obviously)

    So I thought this tip might help you since you mentioned you sometimes use pull up's.

    Well done for all the progress so far =)

  2. big congratulations to Cruz! My first son was toilet trainned (day and night) in 3 days however we started on his 3rd birthday (prior he was terrified of the toilet and wouldnt use a potty) his poos didnt happen on the toilet until just after 3 1/2 as he made him self constipated as he would hold his poos. our Dr said to put a nappy on just for poos so as to not stress him... now over 4 he is great. I havent begun with my 2 yr old yet as he hasnt shown signs yet but boys can take longer.
    i dont know if you have heard of brolly sheets but they are fantastic i bought 2 so i have one on bed (i bought single even though he was in a toddler bed) and one ready for quick change if needed.
    Sarah :-)

  3. Thanks Tanya and Sarah! I have taken some tips from
    both of your comments x