Thursday, 14 February 2013

A quick look at our Valentines Day.

Last night at 7:45 I realised I had done nothing in preparation for Valentines Day. We always celebrate the day as a family, so I ducked down to our local Woolworths quickly and this is what we ended up with... (*WARNING: If you dislike Valentines Day, you might not want to read on..)

 I made a basket of goodies for Tim. Fake champagne, two throws - one pink, one red (from Woolworths too), disposable flutes, popcorn, maltesers, Tim Tams and chocolate drops. They are for our couch picnic tonight. My plan is as soon as Tim gets home from work, any minute now, to all have a bath, get into our pajamas and then order dinner in. We will be spending the night at home watching a movie or two. Our favourite thing to do. 

 For my work friends, I made these little cupcakes. You know those mini Woolworths mudcake cupcakes? I bought a pack of 24 of them, frosted them and put these conversation hearts on top - done.

For Cruz's daycare friend we made this cute "you colour my world" treat. The link to this free printable can be found here

I bought a red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop, thanks to a $10 off voucher I received in the mail, for Tim's workmates...

 And I set the table for our morning breakfast... Heart shaped pancakes, strawberries, cream and maple syrup.

 Cruz was so excited to wake up to balloons on his chair and a special card written to him from daddy. We read it out loud to him and he loved hearing about how proud we were of the big boy he is becoming.

I then left the mess behind me and headed to work. Around lunchtime I was greeted with the biggest suprise - 50 roses, a teddy bear, balloons and the hugest basket of candy I have ever seen! Spoilt doesn't even describe it. This man of mine outdid himself - amazing!

Now I'm off to clean the mess from this morning, set up our picnic and get us all bathed and in our pajamas. I hope everyone else has had a lovely day - however you chose to spend it.