Sunday, 10 February 2013

A valentine themed breakfast

On the menu this morning was pancakes. Normally Tim makes them for us, but because he is at work I decided I would treat Cruz to something a little different and a little more pink. Cruz is a plain pancake lover - no flavours, no syrup, nothing. Just pancakes. This morning, as a treat, I added a pinch of sprinkles around the pancakes to make them a little bit special. We added some banana and a glass of pink milk and breakfast was ready to go. Cruz loved it and I was glad I had taken the extra few minutes to prepare it.

I am a sucker for anything Valentines Day themed. I understand that every day is a day to celebrate love and I also realise that the majority of people do not 'celebrate' the day for varying reasons, including commercialism... but for now, you might just need to humour me. Tim always makes an effort to make Valentines Day special for me and I really do treasure the Valentines memories we have made. We try and make it an extra special day for Cruz as well and have a little fun with the theme. Whilst I hope that we teach Cruz about love all through the year, I love reading love themed books to him around this time of year and talking to him about how much his mummy and daddy love each other and our little family. 

It has been a little quiet around here lately while I have been catching up on housework and washing, attending prenatal appointments and working fulltime. I finish work in 3 weeks and am so looking forward to the extra time I can spend with Cruz before this little one arrives.

I'll be back soon with the trillion photos that I am now behind in for Project 52. 

Happy Sunday x  


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