Wednesday, 13 March 2013

And a big welcome to.. Easter

Easter arrived in our house last week. We normally start doing 'Easter inspired' things from March onwards, but with everything else going on at the moment, we are keeping it more low key than usual. On a Monday I always organise something crafty for Cruz to do - mainly so that he eases into the realisation that daddy is back at work after the weekend at home and so that he gets to enjoy some of the crafty things he would have been enjoying if he was still going to daycare.

Last Monday's craft was an easy one - inspired by Bianca from a little delightful originally. I have seen Bianca come up with some very clever ideas for decorating different shapes using contact and thought that we would try and make some Easter Eggs

I simply cut up some streamers and poured some confetti drops into a small cupcake liner, before putting two easter egg shaped cut outs on a bit of contact and then letting Cruz loose. He loved it! He didn't need any help and could put the bits and pieces anywhere he liked..and it looked good. Genius!  

He doesn't normally sit on the table..and I can't quite remember why he was up there now, but it was right in the middle of our 'no sleep' filled week and anything was possible. Rest assured, I was there with him the whole time. 

Once they were finished we cut them out (very quickly realising that they didn't quite resemble Easter eggs...whoops) and put them on our fridge. Since then we have added a few more bits and pieces and the fridge is looking a bit like an art gallery. Much to Tim's disgust (he doesn't like anything on our fridge - but I think these cute masterpieces have stayed because he is a sucker for anything that Cruz has made).

Since these photos were taken last week (I told you I was still catching up) we have painted our dining room and added a photo ledge. It is looking a little different around here - in a good way! Before and afters will be making there way over soon. I hope.


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