Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Celebrating Cruz becoming a big brother soon!

On Saturday we celebrated the little bun that is currently baking in the oven. I love baby showers, not for gifts, but rather for the chance that you get to catch up with special friends before life gets busy again in those early newborn days/weeks.

Tim likes to be involved in his baby's showers too and so we try and keep the stereotypical girly baby showers at bay and make it more of a couples occasion. I knew that I wanted to have the baby shower out of our house so that I had minimal cleaning to do both before and after the party. Tim and I booked an apartment overlooking the beach that had stairs up to an outdoor area that we could hold the baby shower at. 

For decorations I ordered 80 white roses and 5 bunches of 5 balloons. Nothing else. For food I ordered two platters, one of wraps and the other a cheese platter, from Woolworths, bought two cakes from the cheesecake shop and a few punnents of strawberries and packs of macaroons. I made none of the food - again to save time.

The Tuesday before the party I had planned nothing and it wasn't until the Thursday night that I packed our mugs/platters and dishes ready to head to the apartment on Friday afternoon. We stayed the Friday and Saturday night so that we had time to set up and pack away everything.

It was a relaxing afternoon, hot(!!) but enjoyable and I was reminded, yet again, of the amazing friends that Tim and I are blessed to have. The effort that everyone always puts in to make us feel special doesn't go unnoticed.

My favourite part of the shower? Seeing who has their bets on a little girl Baker and who has their bets on a little boy Baker. Tim and I know what the gender of the baby is, but have kept it a surprise for everyone else until the birth. For the team boy and team girl photos, Tim and I 'guessed' what we had thought the baby was before it was revealed in our morphology scan. Cruz is in both photos. He can't decide what he wants yet.

The only photos I took on the day...
Juice in glass jars.

The 'wear your guess' station - pegs with mustaches on for 'team boy' and pink lips for ' team girl'
The coffee station.
The whole table.
A closer look at the cheese platter.
The right side of the table, again.
The 'Baby Baker' bunting that I made for a cake.

A look at the right hand side of the table - Tiramisu Torte (Cheesecake shop), A cheese platter (Woolworths) that I added tags too and some more wraps.