Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter eggs and salt dough garlands

This week, Crafting Monday looked a bit like this...

Easter eggs were coloured in and pom poms and confetti were stuck to them.

The Easter egg shapes and pom poms were purchased from Spotlight in a pack. Cruz enjoyed colouring in all the shapes that they had included on each egg. And to be honest..I sat and coloured all the bits and pieces of one of the eggs in too. I guess I never grew out of colouring in..

One of our routines on a Monday revolves around Playschool. At 9:30am I make sure that I have made Cruz some morning tea and that his water bottle is full and then I 'treat' him to a picnic in the playroom while he watches the show.

During this half an hour, I either clean up from the craft that we have just finished or I start preparing for the craft that we are just about to do. It's my half an hour of power. 

Monday's craft was salt dough. Bianca from a little delightful has an amazing post about making easter salt dough (here) and as we had never tried it before - we made Monday the day.

Easter eggs (big and small), bunnies and mice (??!!?) were Cruz's chosen shapes. We followed Bianca's tutorial and the salt dough worked out wonderfully. I did, however, add too much flour to my rolling board - a note for next time.

Once we had cooked our salt dough, we added them to a piece of twine and hung them up on the shelf of our playroom.

Cruz loves any craft that ends up hanging up in our house and this one has been no exception. I have caught him standing and staring at his creation on a number of occasions already. He is one proud easter salt dough garland maker! I don't blame him. It is pretty cute!


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