Thursday, 28 March 2013

Garage progess

The last few days have been busy. On top of a few late nights helping Tim at work and a 2 year old that decided he should put a button up his nose - well past bedtime (which resulted in a trip to the emergency department)...we won't go there... I have been running on very little sleep. Trying to tackle the mess that the house is in at the moment as well as the washing that has been neglected since Monday has been harder than usual. There is good news soon as Cruz falls asleep (it's getting quieter as we speak write) I will be heading off to bed too and will be waking up to a husband that will be at home for 4 days so that I can catch up again - hallelujah!

For now though, I am racing to get this post published so that once those sweet eyes on my little guy are resting I can RUN - sprint even, to bed too.

In case you are new to the blog I will backtrack a little for this post.

January of 2012 our garage looked like this (I forgot to take a photo before we removed the doors from that cupboard). A double garage with a small laundry at the front.

Tim started work on it ..

Half the garage was made into a playroom for Cruz. The other half being left for the car.

Lately we have been working on the laundry SLOWLY. The bottom cupboards have been installed and we have a benchtop and sink. Next on the list is:
  • handles for the bottom cupboards
  • taps for the sink
  • a backsplash
  • cupboards for the top of the wall
 Because the room is 'functional' we haven't been rushing the project and to be honest - being pregnant and now nursery shopping has slowed the process down a lot too. Any extra money has been going into teeny tiny little things for the nursery and our baby.

When I cleaned the garage out the other day, I took some photos to record the progress.

Here they are...  

Instead of the motorbike in the photo below, imagine a car now. We have installed a few hangers to keep the bikes and pram off the floor and out of the road.

They are just out of the road of the car, but we might still have to do a little shuffling to get things working a little better.

I took this photo so that you can see the change in the garage since the renovations started. The wall on the right hand side is Cruz's playroom. You can also see the bulk head that Tim installed to separate the laundry from the garage. 

Our plan is to paint the garage floor and install a hanging rack down one side of the garage for a few bags and bits and pieces. I also would like to add two big frames above the 'bag rack' to make the garage less 'garage-y'.

I best call this post quits for now though. If I haven't lost you already, I will probably loose you very soon. Cruz has been asleep for a little while now and the clock next to me is ticking! If you have any questions about how we did any of the renovations feel free to ask. 

For now though I am off to bed. It's a brand new day tomorrow and I need it!


  1. I've just found your blog and I'm loving it! I think your playroom idea is fabulous and I'd love to do something similar at my place. I notice in the pictures that your playroom has a window in the external wall of the garage. Was that there before, or did you have to install it when you built the playroom?

    1. Hi Kate,

      We had to build the window in - it was extra work, but we are glad that we did it now.