Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hospital & Nappy Bag preparation

This week is not only a busy week, but also an expensive week in our house. You know the ones. Anyway. Let's not go there. At 34 weeks pregnant, I was starting to get a little worried about the fact that I hadn't thought about my hospital bag or a nappy bag for the baby (whos name I almost wrote down instead of 'the baby'. Whoops!). Not only do I not want to spend any extra money this week, but I also don't have the time to go shopping for what I would like to pack. In weeks like these, where a billion thoughts are running through my head, I always put together a comprehensive list of what I want/need to buy and print it out ready for that moment when I next get the chance to head out and knock the task over. I'm a visual person and seeing what I need to buy helps me when I get to the shops. It saves me time too. I know what I want, have thought it through and researched what I'm after or where it comes from.

My hospital bag list looks a little like this...

  • Comfortable tracksuit pants and shirts
  • Pyjamas that are visitor friendly
  • Feeding singlets (I'm skipping the bras in hospital)
  • Inside socks
  • Underwear (not as glamourous as the ones pictured. I will be searching for the biggest, darkest pack of underwear I can find in Best and Less)
  • A heat pack (which I already own)
  • My BB creme and a little mascara (in case I want it..I didn't with Cruz)
  • My straightener (see above comment)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, oral care and body wash
  • My camera, iPhone and charger
  • Muesli bars, barley sugars and mineral water (the nights are long. I haven't quite forgotten)
  • Maternity pads - by the truck load
  • Lip gloss
  • The milk bar, Lansinoh and nipple shields (in case)
  • My pillow
  • Panadol  
A number of the things on my list are items I already have/own, but I do need to grab a few pairs of singlets, tracksuits, treats etc.

The baby's nappy bag:: 

This is not my 'real' list. The real list has a few splashes of pink/blue on it, which I thought would be a dead giveaway so I have swapped bits and pieces of it around and made this board gender neutral.

The nappy bag list includes:
  • A nappy bag, of course. Mine is this Il Tutto bag, which I am in love with
  • Muslin wraps, singlets, a bib, socks and beanie
  • Two spare sets of clothes
  • 3 rattles for down the track
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nappies and nappy bags (with a nappy 'purse' to keep the nappies neat)
  • A change mat
  • Sunscreen (down the track, again), diaper ointment and powder
  • A cosmetic bag to house the toiletries together
  • Wet wipes
  • A dummy and chain (Again for down the track and for while we are out - I don't use the chains at home 
Whilst things like the dummy, rattles and sunscreen might not be needed in those first few weeks, I have added them to the list so that I remember to add them in later on.

Hopefully one day soon, and before this little cherub arrives, I will get these two bags packed and ready to go. If I don't - the world won't stop. This baby will be oblivious to it's mum's hospital bag or the nappy bag. I do, however, enjoy feeling overly organised and if time (and money) permits I will hopefully have these lists completed soon. The sight of a hospital bag and nappy bag in the boot of the car, ready to go at any minute, is a happy sight in my little eyes.