Monday, 11 March 2013

Pantry Organising

Last Monday night the pantry got the better of me. I was getting a little over the mess that it was in and knew that it needed a good tidy up. I didn't want to spend any money on this little project and wanted to make sure it didn't take me a long time. Nearly a year ago, I did this post on the pantry. Unfortunately in my mad rush, I forgot to take a before photo, but believe me when I say it looked horrendous. 
These are the after shots. I moved all the cereal (can you tell there is a pregnant woman in the house!?) to the top of the cupboard next to our knifes, which are away from Cruz. All the modulars were moved to the second shelf down and labelled. The third shelf kept my white storage tubs with all the extras in them and the dreaded fourth shelf has all the containers I need to start filling again with snacks. Let's not go there. I also have our bread maker and the baby food maker in there for now.

A closer look... 

The modular mates were labelled using Microsoft Word Smart Art and I typed out individual pantry items before laminating them. 

The templates that you can see on the four white storage containers below were made from a website I found via Pinterest, not on my own. I have spent the last half an hour looking for the website and can't place it, but will come back and add the link as soon as I locate it.

 Here's a full shot of the pantry - including the big blue tub on the bottom left hand corner that we throw all our lunchboxes in.

 It is looking a lot more tidy now and I have been enjoying opening it up to see what I need to lift out for dinner or baking. Much easier! You may have noticed in the first photo that we have a child lock on our pantry so that Cruz can't help himself. We have a shelf in the fridge with cheese, yogurts and snacks that he is welcome to have if he feels hungry, but it's a little more controlled than him having free range of the pantry... for now anyway.

Best get cleaning again while Cruz is asleep - nap time always seems to fly by!


  1. I love the idea of the blue tub for lunch boxes.

  2. I love your pantry. Im in the process of buying some tupperware to get really organised. If you have some time do you mind sharing what you have in each individual container or take a close up pic for me :)

  3. You have completely inspired me to decant all the food in our pantry and get it more organised. xx