Saturday, 16 March 2013

Planning our week

To keep myself sane, Cruz and I have a little bit of a theme to how our weeks have been running since I have been at home. I am the type of person that struggles to just 'go with the flow'. Most weeks I sit down on a Sunday night and write what I want to get done each day for the following week - one thing a day. Our week normally looks a little like this:

Monday - CRAFT
Wednesday - BAKING
Thursday - GIFTING
Friday - PROJECT ROOM   
Each Sunday, I like to think of what we are going to craft on Monday, what needs organising on Tuesday (could be a kitchen draw, or a whole cupboard), what new recipe I want to bake on Wednesday, who we are going to gift something to on Thursday and finally, what room I am going to complete a project in on Friday.

Last week looked like this..
Monday - CRAFT: Easter eggs with tissue paper and confetti
Tuesday - ORGANISING: Pantry
Wednesday - BAKING: Double chocolate muffins
Thursday - GIFTING: A meal for a new mum
Friday - PROJECT ROOM: Dining room photo wall

I also plan our meals for each night and then of course, I have the 'room a day' cleaning schedule. This planning on a Sunday night is what sees the house running smoothly. It doesn't consume my day, but keeps me sane. The task for the day normally takes me 30-40 minutes and then I clean the room of the day while Cruz is asleep at lunch or once Tim is home to play with Cruz at night. 

Last Thursday we made a meal for a new mum. One of Tim's work friends and his wife had their first baby two or three weeks ago and Tim asked if I could make them a meal one night. Cruz and I had so much fun with this one - I mean, it's pink and involves a newborn.. what is not to love!?

We made a Shepherds pie for the main part of the dish, adding lots of hidden veggies in for the new mum and then added some mini bread rolls and butter to go with the shepherds pie. We also washed and cut up a few punnets of strawberries and seedless grapes for a snack and baked some muffins ready for those hungry moments new mums get during the day (and night!). Before I started the meal I asked Tim to send a quick message to ask the mum if there was any food she was avoiding while feeding etc. Just to be safe.

Cruz and I made some labels for the top of the Shepherd's pie with a congratulations message and the food instructions on it and then added a few bows and these cute cake toppers, found on Pinterest, to the muffins.

The best part .. other than being able to help someone else, was that I made double of everything and our dinner was sorted for the Thursday night as well. Easy peasy.  


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! You are so thoughtful Leanne :) That new mum is going to be so glad to see that parcel arrive on her doorstep! You are a wonderful friend. xx

  2. What great ideas! I absolutely love doing craft and can't wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy them! I currently test out my ideas on my Sunday School group!
    Just a question - do you keep all the craft items you make? Where and how do you store them? :)