Tuesday, 12 March 2013

'That' cake

Cruz has well and truly recovered from his minor operation now, but while he was still recovering we were happy to do just about anything to keep his mind off his sore throat and put a smile on his little face. One of our ideas was to bake a cake and let Cruz do it, rather than correcting him all the time, or trying to make it look fancy. It was to be his special cake. We named it his "Brave Cake". It was to celebrate how good he had been during those rough first few days. 

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I'm going to let these pictures tell you the 9000 words it would take me to describe how much fun this cake was to make - and hilarious! Hilarious because daddy takes his cake making very seriously and really, really, REALLY struggled to stand back and let this little baker do his thing. 

Me? What did I do, you ask? Well..I could not stop laughing at Tim. I think at one stage I was almost rolling around on the floor, in tears, laughing at the poor man watching this cake being beaten, poked and completely destroyed. 

Cruz took it very seriously (despite what the pictures may suggest) and was so proud of the finishing product.

The verdict? It was delicious. Seriously...delicious. We ate the whole thing. No word of a lie. 

Here are the 9000 'words'...    

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  1. Oh no! look at all those sprinkles!! Its hard to just let them go whilst theyre making a mess like that. Cringing from the inside! At least he had fun!