Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday's gift.

Thought I'd post this quickly in between packing the car for the baby shower and tidying up bits and pieces. It's a good excuse to sit down for 5 minutes and take a few breaths. Today was a lovely day. We visited my parents this morning and dad made us bacon, eggs, tomato and toast (yum!) before I headed home to clean for an hour and a half. Mum and dad stayed to play with Cruz so that I could get a few bits and pieces done. We were then treated to Sizzler for lunch before heading home for a quick nap. Perfect day, right? I thought so.

Back on track now. For gifting Thursday last week I thought I would treat a friend to some sweets and a little note that let them know I was thinking of them. Life gets so busy at times, despite my attempt to slow it down..and I didn't want this friend to think I had forgotten about her.

A quick trip to our local candy store for a bag of treats..

And a note using a printable template (found here), and I had an inexpensive and easy way to brighten someone's day. I loved the quote I found, which I added to the bottom of the note::

"Hope for the best.
Plan for the worst.
Snack in-between."

Cruz has been loving Thursdays. He thinks putting the little treats/dinners/gifts together and then delivering them like a 'mailman' is so much fun. Whilst we have today's gift planned we haven't had the time to complete it, so will do it on Monday when things have settled down again. Cruz has asked if we can start making treats/gifts for little people too - so I'll have to see what we can come up with for some of his friends.

Better get back to packing the platters again. Keeping everything low key this time has been ideal and I'm actually enjoying myself. Close friends and family and not too much to do. I'm onto something, I think!


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