Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Toilet paper roll bunnies

Extra toilet paper rolls in your house? Spare cotton wool in your bathroom? A quick craft that involves items that are already in the house is always the best type of craft in this house. I love not having to run out to the shops to pick bits and pieces up. 

You need:
2 toilet rolls
Pipe cleaners for the bunnies ears (I stuck mine in with sticky tape)
Cotton wool (for tails)
Pink felt balls (for noses)
Some eyes 

Whilst the craft only took about 5 minutes, once these little 'Bugs' had dried they were played with for the rest of the day. Cruz even took one to bed with him for his afternoon nap. 

Today's craft marked a first for me too, not taking the bunny to bed, but rather hot gluing my finger. Ouch! I'm sure there are millions of mums out there that feel my pain. My word! That stuff is hot. Lesson learnt now and hopefully I won't be trying it again anytime soon.

Without further ado.. here are the bunnies that Cruz named Bug. Both of them.