Monday, 15 April 2013

3 simple things.

I started writing this blog after becoming increasingly aware of how quickly time was passing me by and how fast my 'little' boy was growing up. Taking a photo or writing something down has allowed me to relive moments that usually whizz by and before long are blanked from my memory. This blog has let me freeze moments that I can come back too and enjoy. Sometimes when I look at a photo I have taken, I see more than what was happening in the 'real' situation. I am, of course, aware that it is also very important to enjoy times with no camera, no distractions and just live in the moment - and we do that too, but I have been blessed with a husband who will pick up the camera every now and then and capture a special moment and a son who loves having photos and taking photos too. Yup. He walks around with my Canon around his neck taking a trillion photos, while I freak out a little enjoy watching and learning what he thinks is photo worthy. At the moment it's my belly - 'his baby'.

Today I wanted to capture 3 simple moments. Moments that will pass by so quickly and could quite easily be forgotten.

#1 - Breakfast with my only child.

Cruz has always started his day with breakfast. I, on the other hand, only started eating (and enjoying) breakfast this pregnancy. It's a new habit that I love. Once Cruz wakes up we head straight for the table and enjoy breakfast together. It's a lovely way to start our day and the conversations that we have are priceless. I've learnt a lot about Cruz during breakfast time. Sometimes about dreams that he has had the night before, other times about what he thinks is fun or what is important to him, but mostly about this child's hunger for life. He wakes up and grabs each new day with both hands. I have a lot to learn from him and he teaches me new things every. single. day. Sometimes I wonder if love is a strong enough word. This little guy has my heart - all of it. Soon to be shared between two children, which scares me beyond belief.

 #2 - Cleaning.

It is never ending. Yes. But I've learnt a lot about cleaning. When we lived in our previous house, a house that was A LOT smaller, cleaning wasn't as big a priority for me as it is now. I was trying to adjust to being a newlywed and struggling to find my place. I fell pregnant with Cruz when we had been married just short of a year and EVERYTHING went out the window. I was too sick to make dinner, do washing, look presentable and just too plain old tired to clean. The mess in the house started to snowball and before I knew it..I just couldn't get on top of it. By no means was our house considered terribly messy by other people, but I had cupboards bursting at the seams full of things we didn't need. There was no order to where anything was and I wouldn't have been able to tell you where certain things were unless I emptied a whole cupboard or room and sifted through everything that was in there. Because nothing had a place I was forever chasing my tail trying to make the house look tidy. Having a tidy house is not what life is about, I get that. Having happy kids that feel loved and cared for is by far more important, and I know that now that I have Cruz, but the way that a tidy house makes me feel in myself is also important and I have learnt to work with it.

When we moved house at 8 months pregnant with Cruz I was brutal with what we chose to bring with us and what we gave to charity. My motto was pretty much - if it lives in a cupboard and doesn't see daylight, it goes. And so we moved into a very empty house with lots of empty cupboards and I had a fresh start. I promised myself that I would never feel overwhelmed by my house again. And I don't. I still often have a house that looks like a tornado has gone through it, because quite frankly a tornado (called Cruz) has gone through it. And now that I'm a parent that is fine. In fact it often makes me smile to stand back and see how much we have done in a day and the memories we have made. Normally when my house looks like a big hot mess it is because we have had an extra fun or busy day/week. Sometimes the house is a mess because I just need a break from it, like anyone would, and sometimes it means that one of us is sick or has been sick and needs some extra love and affection. But my house and cleaning it no longer overwhelms me, which was my goal. 

There are strategies that I have put into place over the last 3 years to make cleaning less overwhelming. They include things like my 15 minute room a day focus (so that every room gets at least 15 minutes attention a week and no room is left to accumulate 'stuff' for months before I realise it is out of control) and my organising Tuesday task (where I pick something/somewhere that needs some attention and organise it - most often a draw or cupboard). It is not excessive and I don't feel like it consumes me anymore. The best part? If housework gets left for a few days and the house is looky ratty it takes one day maximum to have it back in order. We have a place for everything now and are still brutal with what we keep. This didn't happen overnight and we still work at it all the time, but I finally feel like I have more time to enjoy family and life in general now that I live at peace with having some order in the house. It's not for everyone, but a tidy house equals  a calmer, more fun and relaxed mummy in this neck of the woods.

#3 - The baby station

Appropriatly, this week's Tuesday organising project was creating a baby station.I needed somewhere for the steriliser to live and I had unpacked our baby food processor (which didn't have a home) too. After a quick shuffle of appliances - the toaster used to live in here, we now have a place for all things baby food/drink related. The basket at the front has a label on it that says dirty. I wanted somewhere to pop any dummies that need to be sterilised and thought this would work for now. 

After I had created this station, I stood back and realised that this most probably will be the last time that we need a baby station in our house and again, I wanted to make sure I photographed it so that I don't forget what having a baby in 2013 looks like in our house. After having Cruz we are all too aware of those fleeting newborn days, which we want to relish in for as long as possible.

There you have it. 3 simple things that are now recorded for me to look back on. Maybe there are three things/feelings that you would like to freeze in time too? Or maybe I'm just going a little crazy... can we blame the pregnancy?  


  1. Reading this really makes me realise how much time I waste trying to keep the house tidy and in order and the biggest problem is clutter. I'm a hoarder and I really need to learn to live with as little as possible and dedicate more time to my family. If I could I would love to see what you live with what all your cupboards look like for inspiration. Nikolina

    1. Not a problem. Ill start taking photos of cupboards and posting them soon!