Thursday, 11 April 2013

Busy Bags for a big brother.

With only a couple of weeks left until we welcome a new addition to the family, I have been thinking more and more about Cruz and how his life is going to be affected. One thing that I wanted to have ready for him was a bucket of busy bags to play with while I'm feeding the baby/ changing the baby/ rocking the baby etc. I wanted to make this project budget friendly and more importantly time friendly. I didn't want to be spending hours creating these bags. And I didn't. The result? 45 minutes taken. $35 spent. 11 busy bags created.

 These are the supplies that I had to buy (I already had a few bits and pieces at home).

Busy bag #1 - Peg colour matching wheel.

Busy Bag #2 - Making shapes out of ice cream sticks with Velcro dots.

Busy Bag #3 - Putting coloured pipe cleaners into their correct coloured holes. The pipe cleaners are stored in these containers. I made the containers by covering Pringle containers in scrapbook paper, printed out coloured circles in Word and had Tim drill through each colour - just big enough for the pipe cleaners.

Busy Bag #4 -  Shape sorting. I used 5 plastic cups and stuck a shape (circle, square, triangle, star, heart) onto each cup. Cruz's job is to sort through all the shapes and put them into its correct cup.

Busy Bag #5 - Matching the ice cream with it's ice cream cone. This is a free printable that I printed and laminated. You can find the printable here.

Busy Bag #6 - Matching letters. I printed 6 words out (Mum, dad, cat, dog, baby and Cruz) and wrote the letters needed to spell each word onto pegs. This is one of Cruz's favourites. I will print new words, most probably bigger words, as he gets sick of each word.

Busy Bag #7 - Washing line time. I printed some tshirts and shorts that I had made in Microsoft Word and coloured in. Cruz has to hang all the green shirts and pants on the green washing line and all the blue shirts and get it. I made it a little more difficult for him by making the pants two tone. We swap whether we use the waistband colour or the actual pants colour to mix things up a bit. This activity is typically made with felt, but printing them out and laminating them was cheaper.

Busy Bag #8 - Threading buttons onto some string.

Busy Bag #9 - Using pipe cleaners to make the shapes printed. I envision making trickier shapes as he gets good at this one.

Busy Bag #10 - Plain old ice cream sticks. Cruz loves using these to build different things. He has quite the imagination.

Busy Bag #11 - Another freebie, found here. Shadow matching.

11 Busy bags done. I will keep adding to our collection slowly or as I find new ideas, but this has been a good start. Hope it gives everyone at least one new idea. If you have any busy bag ideas that your children enjoy, I would love to hear about them.


  1. Lovely idea! I could do something similar in my classroom as a free- choice activity. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome! Love that they could be used in the classroom.

  2. Great ideas there. Check out the JustforDaisy blog also as she has a heap of Busy Bag ideas, many of which I used when my 2nd child arrived and I had another child to entertain!

    1. Oh thank you! I must head over and have a look. Cruz loves busy bags - I need to make some more.

  3. Love it Leanne - Cruz is so lucky to have you for his Mummy x

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